Top 10 online bingo games: The good, the bad, the ugly, & the just plain weird

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Love bingo, online or live? Then you’re probably well aware that there are two types of online bingo games—75-ball bingo that’s popular in the US, and 90-ball bingo that’s popular with the British.

But that’s just the tip of the bingo card. Today we’re going to explore the top bingo games that online bingo players love to play, whether online or live. We’ve got seven of ‘em, so check ‘em out and let us know what you think.

U Pick’em Bingo – Instead of dabbing a blank card as each ball is drawn, you get to mark the numbers you want to match first. It’s sort of like Keno, but with an online bingo twist.

Quick Shot Bingo – Again, as opposed to sitting down and waiting to match numbers, you purchase sealed bingo cards in advance in this top bingo game. They’re matched against numbers that have already been drawn and your goal is to achieve a specific pattern.

Bonanza Bingo – Love the speed of playing online bingo games? Then you’ll love Bonanza Bingo. This variation is a lot like Quick Shot, except there’s opportunity for more balls to be drawn. After everyone receives their cards, the caller asks if anyone has bingo. If no one does, more balls are drawn.

Horse Racing Bingo – This is like regular online bingo, but sped up to an extreme. A total of 15 players can play this online bingo variation. Each player is issued a number between 1 and 15. Numbers are then drawn, and the first player to fill a column wins.

Table Bingo – Love Roulette or everyone’s favorite casino money wheel? Then you’ll love table bingo. Look for it at your local casino. Obviously, you won’t find this game if you play bingo online because, well, it’s just called bingo.

Think these versions of online bingo seem normal enough? We’re about to rock the boat with real-world applications of bingo that you won’t believe.

BS Bingo – We’re not going to swear, so use your imagination to figure out what BS stands for. In BS Bingo, every player is handed a bingo-like card. Instead of numbers, buzzwords are printed on the card. BS Bingo is usually played during company seminars. As the speaker shouts out the buzzword, participants check off their cards in a race to the finish.

Roadkill Bingo – Played by frat boys (or really twisted families) on long road trips, the bingo card is replaced with images of animals. As passengers spot an animal at the side of the road, they check off their bingo cards.

Heard of an even crazier online bingo or live bingo variation that deserves to make our list of top bingo games? Hit us up with a comment.