Top 10 bingo supplies you need to buy now

If you plan on making a trip to your local Bingo hall, or plan on having a Bingo game at your next party, there are few supplies that are a must for anyone. Without these supplies you will find yourself at a severe disadvantage. While some are essential and should never be left at home, others are luxury and fun to have, but are becoming increasingly popular. You don’t want to be left behind when it comes to Bingo.

Printable Bingo Cards: This is the foundation to Bingo. Without cards you have no game. You don’t need the fancy ones you get in bingo halls to get a good game going. You can easily print out as many as you like. You can find various templates online and some that have a fun twist. Most are free and it’s simple to download and print out.

Bingo Daubers: This next supply item is also essential for any Bingo game. Once the numbers are called you need to mark them off your newly printed Bingo cards with an ink dauber. A bingo dauber will do just that. These will come in many shapes in forms, but you don’t need anything too elaborate. The best and most common choice will be sponge daubers. These can be found at any wholesale bingo supplies store or places like Amazon or Ebay.

Bingo Balls: What would Bingo be without balls? This is the obvious essential for any Bingo game and cannot be played without.

Ball Cage: To ensure a random pick of the numbers you want to have some type of apparatus that mixes the balls up. You also need to be able to easily pick the balls out of. Having to waste time picking bingo balls will slow the game down and frustrate players.

Bingo Chips: A popular trend among Bingo players is using customized chips. The chips are sued to mark off the numbers on your card, but adding a fun twist with your own personal touch can make the game that much more fun.

Bridal Bingo: Another rage among bingo players is Bridal Bingo. This is the same as normal bingo except you replace the word Bingo with Bride. It’s being played at bridal showers and even weddings these days.

Troll Doll: You will never win at Bingo without a troll doll. At least that’s what people who use them will say. Setting up your own little village of troll dolls will either win you a fortune or scare the people sitting around you. But at least you’ll be having fun.

Bingo Paddle: The common way of playing Bingo is to yell it out when you hit your numbers. All that yelling can give you a sore throat, so why not use an alternative. Bingo paddles are like auction paddles and they will clearly show that you have won. You simply wave them in the air so the caller sees it.

Cushions: Since you will be sitting for hours, you want to protect your better half by buying a nice cushion. Being able to sit longer and more comfortably will help you win more money, so consider it an investment.

Bingo Bag: Now that you have all these new supplies, you need to carry them. What better way than your own custom bingo bag. These will come in a huge selection of patterns, themes and can be customized to your liking.

If you have a tip or something that you use while playing, please share it with us. Let everyone know how you play Bingo and what makes your experience more pleasurable.