Throw Your Bingo Charity Event


Many of you have asked us for tips on how to throw a bingo charity event, so we decided to dedicate this post to exactly that, we had made one in the past, but it’s always good to start over fresh. Let’s see how we can have a successful bingo charity event!

For starters, it is important to say that whether you’re planning a small bingo event at home in order to collect money for your niece’s college, a community center charity or a big scale event, these tips are perfect for any of these scenarios. You just need to plan according to your number of guests.

Where are you going to host it?

When organizing a bingo night it is important to find a great location to host it in. And by that we mean that it could be the biggest room at your community center or your relative’s house which is the biggest and most comfortable. Now, please note that a lot of venues will usually offer discounts for charitable events and in some cases may even host the event for free. Good places to start are your local churches, community centers, school, town halls or hotel rooms. Keep in mind that you will want a location with access to a lot of chairs and tables so that everyone can play bingo comfortably.

What is your goal?

The first thing you need to know is: how much do you want to make? By setting a goal for your fundraising total you will be able to determine the number of bingo books that you need to sell and what size of venue you need to book.

What is the Prize?

We all know that a great prize is needed, whether it is a weekend getaway, a flat screen TV or a car. Some organizers like to look at a simple cash prize where they split the profits from the night 50/50 with the charitable cause. Others like to have a headline prize that has a ‘Wow Factor’ and will capture people’s imagination. You could always ask local stores or businesses to donate the prizes.

Who’s going to help you?

You need to have a team of people helping you. Make sure that you have enough people to help with all aspects of the event from selling tickets to helping with refreshments to calling the bingo numbers themselves.

Bingo Equipment

Regardless of the size of your event, you’re going to need bingo equipment. You can either make the game cartons by yourself or rent the equipment. The basic tools are Bingo Singles, Bingo Balls and Bingo Cages, however people sometimes forget Bingo Dabbers which can be an excellent source of additional income from people that haven’t brought their own. Another excellent way to raise additional funds is to sell Raffle Tickets during your bingo night.

Make Lots of Noise!

People enjoy a good game of bingo and most people also want to contribute to a worthy cause; so raise awareness of your bingo night by handing out flyers, contacting your local radio station or posting on Facebook and Twitter. You want to try and tell as many people as possible about your charitable cause as the more people you tell, the more people you will get to attend.

Ready to try it out? Please let us know if we can support you with more tips. And, if you decide to throw your charity bingo event, let us know how it all went!