The tech secrets to winning at online bingo

If you’re like us, you love online bingo because it offers all of the fun of regular bingo without the dull atmosphere of a boring old bingo hall.

Unless, of course, your online bingo setup is just as boring.

Today, we’re going to look at some tech options you can add to your online bingo playing arsenal to make playing bingo online way more fun.

Use multiple screens
Forget about staring at a 15” laptop screen. Hook your PC or Mac up to an external display and you’ll have more opportunities to win. With extra screen real estate, you can play more online bingo cards simultaneously, and play in more bingo rooms, too. Some desktops and laptops hook up to two or more displays, giving you way more room to play with.

Actually, no, one screen is just as good
Just as good if we’re talking about a 55” Plasma, LCD or LED TV. If your computer supports your TV’s resolution, you’ll love playing online bingo like a king with a massive bingo card hanging on the wall right before your eyes. All you need is an HDMI cable, or a DVI cable if you don’t intend to run audio. Your computer manual should have all the details.

Look for an Online Bingo number tracker
It’s fun to keep track of what numbers you pull, and an online bingo number tracker can help you out. Hop on Google and search for software that lets you keep track of the numbers that are frequently hit. If you’re the type of player who follows specific online bingo strategies, you might find the info that’s generated useful.

Get a faster Internet connection
This one goes without saying. If you’re on a low-speed dial-up Internet connection while you play bingo online, upgrading to the next level is worth your while. While you might not notice a huge difference in connection speed while you’re playing online bingo, you’ll definitely notice a difference if you’re instant messaging or surfing while you play.

Rock an iPod while you play bingo online
Music makes pretty much anything more enjoyable. So throw on some tunes the next time you play online bingo. Even if you don’t win, we’re pretty sure you’ll have a blast.