The Most Surreal Bingo Game Ever – Adults Only


My life has just changed in the most peculiar and….I will have to say odd way possible, all thanks to something I found online, let me fill you all in:

Apparently, I will repeatedly lick horny soggy dresses at some point today. This is bizarre, not just because the phrase itself is odd. But also because, really, why would I repeatedly lick something so soggy? And a dress, no less? Is this dress made of chocolate? Is there a person inside? So many unanswered questions.

Confused? Wondering if this online bingo blog has been hijacked by some anti-bingo group looking to mess with the site? Don’t worry. is safe is secure. The blog post you’re reading has everything to do with bingo.

So what’s the deal? Well, this morning, I came across a crazy-addictive interactive bingo card fortuneteller game. You can find it here:—and here’s how it works:

  1. On a Bingo card with numbers one through 75, choose one number from each column.
  2. Enter the numbers into a special field on the fortune telling bingo card.
  3. Click the button to populate the card.

That’s it. The card, which previously just had numbers, will populate with different words. First column is an adverb. Second column is a verb. Third and fourth are adjectives. And the fifth is a noun. Using the number you entered in step 2, find out what your fortune is by scanning the card for your phrase.

I’m going to warn you. This fortune telling game is fun, but it’s also a little risqué. If you thought the use of the word “horny” was a little out there, prepare to be floored with statements that make my comment look G-rated.

I’m also going to warn you that this game is ridiculously addictive. If you thought watching that hilarious video your friend shared on Instagram was amazing, wait until you try this. Needless to say, I’ve been spending all day figuring out my fortune based on different numbers—which is why it’s taken me forever to write this blog post.

Once you’re done playing around with the fortuneteller bingo game, come join an amazing bingo community right here at You’ll love it here. And we promise. No soggy dresses. At least not on purpose.