The Most Popular Online Bingo Countries


We all know that the United Kingdom leads the way in Bingo enthusiasm.

There are more bingo players per capita in the UK than there are in any other country. Heck, forget per capita. We’re talking bingo numbers in general.

But there are a few countries on the UK’s heels. Online bingo is exploding in popularity around the world.

Here’s a look at which countries could be the next United Kingdom.


The Chinese love to gamble. Their primary destination for big land-based wins is Macau, which is basically Vegas, but on the other side of the world. In fact, you’ll find more high rollers over there than you will in Vegas. The desire to gamble has fueled a desire to play online casino games. And as Chinese gamblers discover how fun it is to play online casino games like Blackjack and Baccarat, they’re quickly discovering how thrilling bingo can be. It is estimated that just a few years ago, Bingo in China wasn’t even on the radar. Today, you’ll find lots of Bingo players in China joining Bingo chat room communities.


Bingo is viewed by the Chilean government as a more acceptable betting option than casino betting or sports betting, so that’s fueled the interest of gamblers in the country. The 17 casinos that dot the country all feature bingo parlors. And that’s helped make online bingo even more popular from the north to the south.

The United States

The feds seem to want to crack down on poker sites. Even some casino players feel threatened by the Department of Justice. But when it comes to Bingo, the government seems to be showing a softer side, most likely because the game has a history of attracting older folks. But today’s US bingo players are skewing younger, both online and off. As more and more casino players look for a different type of gambling option to entertain themselves.

The UK

We know, we know. We said that the UK was the biggest online Bingo market in the world. But here’s the thing. You can’t control the appetite for Bingo across the pond. People absolutely go crazy for Bingo, so even though the UK might be the biggest country for online bingo, it also belongs in our fastest growing list. Back in 2004, there were less than 20 online Bingo sites serving UK players. Today, you’ll find well over 400, and that number is still climbing.

Are you part of the online Bingo revolution? Join right now and have a blast – wherever you happen to live.