The Craziest Bingo Patterns

innerpatterns05102015Are you familiar with the term ‘crazy bingo patterns’? If not, get ready for a lesson in some of the finer points of advanced bingo. Traditional bingo patterns are static, meaning that they can’t be rotated around or shifted. Think about getting all of the corners or a blackout. In these cases, there’s really only one way to win, and that means that everyone is after the exact same squares. Sure, it can be exciting, but is it crazy? Probably not. Crazy bingo patterns aren’t tied to these restrictions, meaning that there are a variety of ways to win. To illustrate the concept a little bit more clearly, let’s take a look at a few crazy patterns to use in your next bingo tournament.

Crazy Letter C

Consider this pattern your introduction to the world of crazy bingo patterns. To win, you’ll just need to mark off the shape of a letter ‘C’, which includes all spots on the top, bottom and left sides. Well, it would if this was a normal pattern. For its crazy variation, however, winners can rotate the pattern by 90, 180 or 270 degrees in order to claim the victory even faster. If you understand the Crazy Letter C, the other patterns won’t be too difficult to grasp. It’s all about patterns that can be rotated in any direction to add a layer of thinking to the classic bingo formula.

Crazy Diagonal

You may be thinking that crazy bingo patterns need to be more complex than traditional patterns, but that’s really not the case. Diagonal patterns are inherently crazy, because they can be rotated in all directions. The crazy diagonal is the simplest of all crazy bingo patterns, but it’s also one that nearly every bingo player has some experience with at one time or another.

Crazy Halloween

In honor of October, don’t forget about the Crazy Halloween. This pattern is a little more inventive than the others, but it’s a great choice for getting into the holiday spirit. The Halloween pattern features the second and fourth squares on the top row, the three middle squares on the fourth row and the bottom corners, making it look just like a jack o’ lantern face. However, since we’re talking about crazy bingo, the face can also be upside down or on its side. That gives you a little something to think about when approaching a bingo!

In theory, nearly any bingo pattern can be played with crazy rules, as long as it can be rotated in three unique directions. This, of course, means that symmetrical patterns are off the table, since they’ll be the same, even when rotated or mirrored. We could list a few more of the craziest bingo patterns around, but we’re guessing it would be more fun to let your imagination run wild while developing some patterns of your very own. You really can’t go wrong with crazy bingo patterns, and that’s what makes them so fun! Gather with a group of your closest bingo buddies, and give it a try!