Stats For Die-Hard Bingo Players

Bingo games have always been a main stay in almost every casino. But did you know that more play bingo games online than any other venue? It’s hard to imagine that in just a short time that online bingo has overtaken the internet. Here are some interesting facts and statistics about today’s bingo players.

1. It’s no big surprise that the majority of bingo players are women. But, you’d be surprised that almost 20% of the total bingo players worldwide are men. This may not seem like much but with a player base of over 150 million that makes about 25 million men who play bingo games.

2. A study done in 2006 revealed that 85% of bingo players play online. Of this, 85% are women. This makes online bingo one of the most popular forms of gaming both online and off.

3. The average age of a bingo player is 30-50 years old. This may come as a surprise to most as the stereotype of a bingo player is usually a group of little old ladies.

4. One fact that you may find astounding is that more $3 billion is spent on bingo games every year in the United Sates alone.

5. Only 1% of those who play at land based bingo halls play bingo online. This could be due to the fact that the average age is a bit older and do not use the internet as much.

6. Among the millions who play bingo online, some of them are famous. It’s reported that Bono from the band U2 and Kelly Rippa are just a few of the celebrities who play the game regularly.

7. Although bingo has been used as an educational aid by teachers and tutors, in some places it seems they don’t think it is such a useful tool to teach the times tables to children. Some people actually think Bingo will give children more possibilities to get on gambling activities when they grow older, or look at Bingo as some sort of negative activity.

All statistics have been pulled from Bingo Cafe. You can find many other interesting facts about online bingo and land based bingo. If you have a stat or fun fact you would like to share, please leave us a comment. We always welcome fresh information and enjoy interacting with our readers.