Slots: Understanding the slots bonus round

If you thought playing online bingo was fast, wait until you try bingo slots. We know what you’re thinking. “Why would I want to play online bingo slots? I’m in love with online bingo, so I don’t need slot machines to make me happy.”

A fair point, but hear us out. With 9 to 25 pay lines, a crazy amount of symbols to understand, and loads of opportunities to win, bingo slots make regular online bingo seem slow and boring (and you know that’s the opposite of true).

A lot of it has to do with slots bonus rounds. You see, in online bingo, a number is called and then you look for it on your bingo cards. If you have the number, your card gets stamped. If not, you wait for the next number. That’s pretty much all there is to it.

The time between each number being called is fairly miniscule, but it seems like a lifetime when you compare it to online bingo slots.

But enter one of the slots bonus rounds and it’s an entirely different ball of wax.

Bingo slot games with bonus rounds are easy to understand. In online bingo slots, each time you spin, you’re spending credits. But once you enter the bonus round, you get to spin for free.

To enter a bonus round, you’ll need to hit several Scatter symbols. Scatter just means that the online bingo slots symbol can be scattered anywhere on the reels (you don’t need to line them up to win). The actual symbol also varies from game to game. But don’t worry. You’ll know what the Scatter symbol is before you sit down to play online bingo slots.

Once you enter the bonus round, you’ll get to play for free. Usually, you get about 10 free spins, but the exact number depends on what bingo slots game you’re playing.

In the slots bonus round, you have extra chances to win without spending a dime. And if that wasn’t amazing enough, many slots bonus rounds come with a pay multiplier. So, instead of each spin being worth the same as a non-bonus round spin, you could end up winning way more money than you ever imagined.

As you can see, bingo slots add another layer of excitement to online bingo. And slots bonus rounds mean you’ve got extra opportunity to make even more cash—something that’s great if you want a bigger online bingo bankroll.