Slots: Top 5 machines management hates and players love

If you’ve been too focused on playing bingo to hit the online slot machines, you’re probably not aware that today’s best slot machines are way more advanced, far more fun, and a lot more engaging than the 3-reel cherry slots of yesterday.

The whole one-armed-bandit moniker of slots has been crushed thanks to a number of options and features that make online slot machines more appealing to players and less appealing to management.

Here’s a look at the top 5 bingo slots that management hates but players absolutely love.

Progressive Jackpots

You’ve probably heard the argument that progressive jackpot slots rarely pop, and that it’s not worth playing them. But the reality is the opposite is true. Online slot machine management offers progressive slot machines because they know players love them. If you don’t offer them, players will find another place to call home.

For management, sitting back and watching a large jackpot get bigger and bigger is just like watching a ticking time bomb. You’re safe while it ticks away, but the second it pops, you’re toast. For management, that means handing out huge sums of money from their profits.

9, 20 and 25 payline slots

More pay lines means more opportunities to win. Forget about having to hit three in a row. You can zig-zag back and forth, up and down, and inside out to win money playing free online bingo slots.

Bonus slot machines

It’s not just about hitting multiple symbols in a row and claiming your winnings. Today’s best slot machines include all kinds of free bonus rounds. You can enter a bonus round by hitting a few specified symbols (they vary based on the game). Management isn’t a big fan of bonus slot machines because they tend to pay out more.

Any slots with a Win-Win feature

Some slot machines don’t just feature bonus rounds. They feature bonus rounds buried inside bonus rounds. That means free play over and over again, and less opportunity for players to feed the slot machine with their own money.

Free online slots

Some bingo slots are 100% free. Obviously, online slot machine management isn’t a huge fan of the free online bingo slots since players aren’t risking anything. That said, with so many other types of slots that management absolutely hate, maybe free online bingo slots aren’t so bad after all.