Should my Twelve Year Old Daughter Play Bingo?


We received a letter from one of our members, asking us if it is correct for children to play bingo at a young age. The question we received was:

“Hi, my name is Kathy and I’m an avid Bingo player at my local bingo hall and of course, as you can see, I’m also an online bingo fan as well. Today I have a question that I have, regarding my 12 year old daughter, Mary. Even though she’s so young, do you think it’s ok that she plays bingo so much? – I know she’s just probably used to game given the fact that her mother is very into it, so I’m not sure if I’m giving a good or bad example for her.”

Our answer:

We are no experts in the matter of children; however, we do know that there are tons of bingo games for children out there. Since we’re no experts or professionals in this matter, we asked some of our readers to send us their opinions as the parents that many of them are and these are some of the answers we got. The question we asked was: “Do you think it’s ok for a twelve year old to play bingo?”


“I have a couple of boys who are twins and who play bingo since they are seven years old. I bought them their first game at the age when they were starting to learn about numbers and the game helped them enjoy math. My two boys are now twenty years old and I can promise you that they never stopped playing bingo. They now play it online and when they were teenagers, they used to host and go to bingo events. “


“In my opinion, we have to be very careful about the tendencies that we see in our children. If we notice that the child is somewhat obsessed with any kind of game, then we must think of ways to change their object of attention. Present a new game or hobby, could be one way. It’s our responsibility to check when our children can develop an obsession or addiction. Or even, try to discover what feeling is making them seek refuge in a game.”


“My thirteen year old daughter has been playing bingo with me since she’s eight. She comes with me to the bingo halls and she is now bringing her girlfriends and making Saturday nights, their bingo nights. Whatever keeps my child away from parties where there might be alcohol or any activity that’s not convenient for her age, is welcomed in my dictionary.”


“As a father, it would worry me a bit if my son was asking me to play bingo all the time. Or even if he’s thinking about it too much. Every parent knows his son or daughter. It’s all a matter of paying close attention to them and figuring out what’s best for them.”


“I think it’s ok to let them play. Bingo is a safe, fun and social game that’s entertaining. It has recently become a bit satanized, but that’s just because people are gambling with it. But it’s not a dangerous game. Let the children play!”

Dear Kathy, we hope that these different points of views help you out in how to best support your daughter. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Everyone else, do remember that being aware of what our kids are doing is always very important. We feel that Kathy’s concern was something unique and demonstrates that anything related to our kids should be a priority.