Referral Programs: How to pump up your bingo bankroll at a bingo hall

It’s no secret that an online bingo site is a great place to win money and increase your online bingo bankroll. There’s the obvious—the online bingo games. And then there’s the not so obvious—the bingo promotions like bingo bonuses and the like that pump up your bankroll so that you’ve got more to play with.

But what if we told you that it’s not necessarily an online bingo promotion that can help you boost your bankroll? What if we told you that you could build your online bingo bankroll while offline?

It’s true. You can. Online bingo players are discovering that offline bingo halls offer an amazing opportunity to make money. It happens entirely through bingo referrals. Today, we’re going to tell you how it works.

Most online bingo sites have a bingo refer-a-friend promotion. It’s simple. For every player you refer, you’ll earn a commission. Some sites offer as much as $5 for every player you sign up. And many online bingo referral bonuses give you a cut of their deposits for a bingo promotional period (often as much as 90 days).

To start referring friends, you need an online bingo account. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have a username. Some online bingo referral programs use your username to keep track of players referred. Other sites issue you a special code to give to referred players with.

So how do you translate your username or special code into real money at a land-based bingo hall?

It’s easy. First, print up some business cards. You can do so at your local Staples, or hit an online business card printing service and make some.

On the card, you’ll want to print two key pieces of information.

1) The online bingo site you play at

2) Your username or bingo referral code

You’ll also want to put a note to make sure that whoever reads your card actually enters your code. Here’s an example:

Come win with me at

Enter referral code: yourcodehere

Make sure you enter my code to qualify for special bingo bonuses!

You can jazz your biz card up with fancy graphics, cool catchphrases, or anything else you can think of.

Now that you’ve got your cards, head over to a land-based bingo hall. As you chat with players, tell them about the site you play at and hand them a card. If the site offers a free bonus to get started, make sure you tell them about it.

You can also post your bingo refer-a-friend cards to a bulletin board if you see one around. And feel free to hand out more than one card to each person. You never know if they might want to refer other bingo players, too.

That’s all there is to it. As you hand out your bingo cards, use language that makes them think that you’ve negotiated a special deal because you’re a long-time player. They’ll be more apt to use the code and share it with others. And you’ll be more apt to find extra coin in your pocket.