Electronic Pull-Tab Player Wins $71K in Eveleth, Minnesota

Electronic Pull-Tab Player Wins $71K in Eveleth, Minnesota – 123 Bingo Online On Saturday, June 6th a lucky player won the largest jackpot award for electronic bingo in the state’s history. State officials gave a $71,054 check to the winner on Wednesday during a ceremony at Roosevelt’s Bar. In the past, the site has ranked among Minnesota’s top ten e-pull tab vendors.

Funds from the proceeds of the game help to support a variety of charitable causes, including the construction of some athletic facilities. Bar owner Maggie Koivunen noted that the charitable electronic games also provide a fun form of entertainment. She indicated that the woman who won the jackpot had been playing with her husband when she glanced downwards and then suddenly announced “I got it, I got it.”

Traditionally, many people in Minnesota played bingo in a bingo hall. The new video game marketed by Pilot Games essentially offers an electronic bingo caller instead of a live human one. The company’s products provide a high tech way to play bingo online.

During the last fiscal year, the revenues from electronic gaming in Minnesota contributed some $7 million towards the funding of a new Vikings stadium. Gross sales of e-bingo from last month hovered in the $5 million range.

When electronic bingo and pulltab gaming first obtained approval in the state, however, the initial revenues fell short of the expectations of many state officials, who had projected higher returns. However, as customer familiarity grew with the games, revenues rose. During fiscal year 2014, Minnesota earned an impressive $1.2 billion in gross revenues from these products. E-gaming appears likely to generate even more during this fiscal year, since the previous year’s total has been exceeded and some time still remains before the end of fiscal year 2015.

Pilot Games, the company responsible for manufacturing Voodoo Guru, recently began producing the game for the State of Minnesota. It had previously functioned only as a game distributor. When another company decided not to continue furnishing these products to the state, Pilot Games broadened its role by entering the manufacturing area.

Today, some 2800 retail locations around Minnesota sell paper pulltabs or electronic games for the state, although only 225 furnish electronic gaming alone. Evidence that the popularity of the online games is gradually increasing may prompt more retailers to market these products in the future. In the meantime, people in the community of Eveleth will celebrate the award of a large e-gaming jackpot on Wednesday.