Play Bingo for Good Health


Have you heard? It turns out that bingo seems to be beneficial for your health. If you are one of the loyal, possibly addicted bingo players who visit your favorite bingo hall or play online regularly, this post is full of great news for you! Scientific studies are revealing that playing bingo can have some not-so-obvious benefits to their health.

Can you imagine your favorite game being a positive contributor to your health, besides being your most favorite activity?

Winning is a great joy, we all know that! But many people don’t only play to win. We all actually enjoy the excitement and social atmosphere of bingo halls, or in many cases, the chat rooms of the online bingo sites. What seems to be amazing is that recent research has shown that playing bingo stimulates your health with positive benefits.

A publication in the Family Physicians contains information on specific findings about where in your bodies and how bingo may benefit your health.

Cognitive strength: University of South Hampton’s psychology department, conducted tests that measured mental speed, memory and capacity to absorb specific kinds of information. The results concluded that bingo players are quicker and more accurate than non-bingo players. Research also found that older players outperformed younger players, so if you think our brains go into a steady decline as we age, think again.

Social well-being: Bingo gives seniors a fun and safe environment to connect with new and old friends while enjoying a game they all love to play. It brings seniors together while providing them a sense of belonging in the community.

Physical health: If you have ever attended a bingo event at one of our seniors clubs you may have experienced the laughter and excitement. Simply relaxing while playing a game with friends helps reduce stress and depression amongst seniors improving their physical health.

Taking the subject a bit further, I found that in The Live Longer Post there are stories about people who have lived much longer than the regular life expectancy and actually play bingo on a regular basis.

“Marie Cwiek is a 106 year-old woman enjoys playing Bingo more than anything else. She plays Bingo every day from 2pm to 3pm. This activity is one of the activities that she shares with 40 other elderly people in her care home.”

“In 2009, a similar report was written about a 102 year-old senior named Anne Webster from Shipley, Yorkshire who also enjoys playing Bingo. The similar case is true for 101 year-old Joseph “Frey” Perry who died also enjoyed the game before his passing.”

As you can see, there are a lot of factors that indicate that playing bingo helps our bodies function better. I have always heard that our minds are the most powerful ally we have to cure our bodies. If this is true, then doing anything that makes us happy has to have a positive impact as well. This just takes me to the next step in thought; Bingo has to be the best medicine for a healthy body and mind.