Plan an online bingo fundraiser

You can’t open a community newspaper, read a church newsletter, or walk by an elementary school billboard without reading or hearing about bingo.

It’s not just that people of all stripes love playing bingo. Yes, that’s 90% of it, but there’s something a little more to it.


An incredible source of revenue, bingo fundraisers have become even more prevalent now that times are tight. Not only is it a great way for charities and organizations to make money, but it also provides people who love to play bingo with a great night out.

If you’re thinking of holding your own fundraiser, consider bringing online bingo into the mix.

Gone are the days when printed bingo cards, balls, and dabbers are needed. Today, thanks to online bingo, a fundraiser is just a few clicks away.

Before you hold an online bingo fundraiser, you’ll want to check with your local laws to make sure fundraisers are legal. You might need permits, so make sure you get the legalities of online bingo fundraising sorted out before you start.

Once you’ve checked everything out and you’ve confirmed you’re good to go, you’ve got a few options for organizing an online bingo fundraiser.

Because online bingo is played over the Internet, you’ll need laptops or desktops to get things going. If you’re holding the online bingo fundraiser in a school, chances are they either have a computer lab or lots of computers available in the library.

If you plan to hold your fundraiser somewhere without computers, ask participants to bring their laptop to the online bingo fundraiser.

Or, if you’d like to hold your best online bingo fundraiser virtually, you can invite everyone to participate from the comfort of their own homes.

Depending on where you choose to play bingo online and what level you are in the bingo site’s loyalty program, you might have the opportunity to run a private, invite-only bingo room. This is perfect if you don’t want strangers participating in your bingo fundraiser.

That said, the goal of a fundraiser is to make money, so the more people who play, the better.

Once you’ve decided on how and where you’d like to hold your online bingo fundraiser, you need to sort out how you’ll make money off the game.

You’ve got lots of options. If you’re opting for a free online bingo site where the prizes aren’t real, you can throw some tangible prizes into the mix and sell tickets to your bingo fundraiser in advance. Or, if the prizes are monetary and dispersed by the online bingo site as normal, you could make a deal with everyone who’s participating to take a percentage of whatever is won.

Bottom line, with online bingo fundraising, you’ve got lots of options. Remember, bingo fundraising works differently depending on the jurisdiction, so check with your local laws to make sure you’re playing by the rules.