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You should be playing these Bingo variations


Online Bingo has come a long way since your Grandma use to play it. Gone are the days where you had to wait until Sunday to play Bingo in a community center gymnasium. Today, you can play your favorite Bingo games online. And with the evolution of online Bingo, the land-based world has benefited too. Thanks to our appetite for innovative Bingo games, online has helped usher in all sorts of Bingo variations—and brought some old favorites back under the spotlight. If you think playing Bingo is all about filling up a horizontal or diagonal line, think again. There are loads of Bingo variations waiting to tempt you, so check them out. Blackout Bingo Filling an entire line on a Bingo card is for amateurs. If you want to experience real fun, try filling an entire card. In Blackout Bingo (also called Coverall Bingo), your goal is to be the [...]

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The Glossary of Bingo


We love bingo here at 123BingoOnline. We love it so much that we regularly pound out lengthy articles to help you get a better hold on the intricacies of the game. It seems like just yesterday that we released a great piece on some of the most useful bingo terminology designed to make you look like a pro when you visit the local bingo hall, but we’re back again with an article listing some of the other terms you’ll want to know before putting your bingo skills to the test against the regulars. In the unlikely event that you’re not aware of the rules of bingo, let’s take a quick but thorough look. First, you’ll need to pay an admission cost that covers a packet of tickets to be used on the night’s games. Once you’ve got tickets in hand, take a seat. When the game starts, the caller will [...]

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The perfect Spotify playlist for every Bingo session


Who says Bingo has to be played in peace and quiet? We've come a long way since Bingo circa 1950 where players gathered in church basements and the only background noise was Helen uncontrollably laughing at Ralph's jokes. And you know how that went down. It was only a matter of minutes before Margaret told Helen to keep it down because Bingo is a game that requires concentration and one to be played without any distractions. My how times have changed. Today's Bingo is played with Spotify on, the speakers cranked up, and the bass set to max. Perhaps that's a product of a world where we are better at multitasking — one where we can work at our computer while checking Facebook on our iPad and listening to music on our iPhone. The bottom line is today's world enhanced with music and Bingo is no different. The perfect soundtrack [...]

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Brush Up on your Bingo Lingo


So, you’re thinking of stepping up to the big time and putting your bingo skills to the test at the local bingo hall. Well, we suggest you take the time to do your homework, because there’s nothing worse than slipping up on the biggest bingo stage of them all when you don’t understand some fancy terminology. Lucky for you, your friends at 123BingoOnline are here with a list of top quality terms to help you on your way to bingo glory. Most of these are pretty well-known, but there’s always time for a quick brush up. Let’s get started. Admission Packet – Depending on your particular bingo establishment, you may find that there’s a minimum number of cards that must be purchased in order to participate. These cards come in the form of an admission packet, which typically contains between three and six cards for each game to be played, [...]

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Don’t Fall Victim to these Bingo Blunders


What’s your favorite game to play at the online casino? If you said blackjack, you’re incorrect. If you pointed toward the slot machines, you’re wrong, yet again. Why, you may ask, are you wrong in choosing your favorite casino game? Because when it comes to online gaming, there’s only one game that’s objectively better than all the rest. You know the game; it’s bingo! Simple rules, relaxed gameplay, big time prizes, daubers… bingo literally has it all! Those suckers at the blackjack tables spend time learning strategies and refining their skills, but the gamers in the bingo hall just show up and win. Forget about preparation! Gaming should be pure fun. That’s why we’re all about the bingo, and we’re always looking for an opportunity to write about this classic game. If you don’t already know the rules of bingo, you can count yourself in the minority. However, we’ve got [...]

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The life and death (and life again) of Bingo halls


Do you play live Bingo? One look at the news and you might think that Bingo halls are a dying breed. Shuttered doors, dimmed lights, permanently closed signs. For Bingo fans, the situation is troubling at first glance. It appears as though Bingo halls are closing in record numbers and there’s not much we can do about it — or at least that’s what the news might suggest and have us believe. But it appears there’s more to the story here. Are Bingo halls really closing? Yes, there aren’t as many Bingo halls today as there were in the 1970s when live Bingo was the go-to activity for gamblers all over the world. But still, we know that tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of people love Bingo. So what’s going on here? We’re going to find out. Today, we’ll examine the life and death of Bingo halls [...]

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