Online Security: Why no one is willing to send winnings to your credit card

So, you love online bingo. You’ve mastered playing for free. You’ve even made several credit card deposits to fund your online bingo account.

You’ve chosen a specific bingo site because, after searching for bingo sites that take credit cards, you finally found one that was reputable, had great software, and boasted a solid online community of players.

Then, after all those credit card deposits—and after playing lots of bingo cards, winning several games, and racking up lots of cash in your account—you’ve decided to make an online bingo withdrawal.

Naturally, after finding bingo sites that take credit cards, you’d assume that you could withdraw your bingo winnings the same way you had deposited. The online bingo site has your credit card number on file. They accepted a credit card deposit. So, they should be able to just credit your credit card account when you want to withdraw, right?

Wrong. Unfortunately, it’s not so simple. For security reasons, only refunds can be issued by credit card at most online bingo sites if there was a duplicate charge or a credit card error. But winnings? They can’t be pushed back onto your credit card.

There are several reasons why those online bingo sites that take credit cards won’t credit back your winnings the same way you made a deposit if you funded your bingo account using a credit card.

First and foremost, big online bingo sites that are reputable operate within the law and pay taxes to the country in which they are based. Bingo sites must report their revenue to the government, but if the site is constantly issuing refunds to credit card deposits, it would likely mess with their books and revenue reporting wouldn’t be accurate. Since anything paid back to a credit card counts as a refund and not revenue paid out, it can get a bit tricky.

Secondly, credit card credits can look suspicious to credit card companies, especially if they are frequent, and especially if they exceed what was originally charged. For example, if you deposit $50 at an online bingo site that takes credit cards, and then you try to withdraw $1,000 after hitting a lucky streak, the credit card company will be confused by the credit that drastically exceeds the original deposit.

But don’t worry. If you’ve made credit card deposits at an online bingo site, there are tons of ways to get paid, including a check, a bank wire, or even a 3rd party money transfer service. Consult your online bingo site’s banking page for all the details.

  • Jess Freedman

    I had never understood why and it used to piss me off so bad that I could never get my winnings back through my CC. I get it now. Won’t get mad anymore lol