Online Security: 3rd party money transfer services and why you should use them

If you’re familiar with the expression, “the check’s in the mail,” you’re probably not familiar with using a 3rd party money transfer service for online bingo withdrawals. That’s because when making an online bingo payout request, a check isn’t always the fastest way to get your hands on the cash.

3rd party money transfer services have become popular choices for moving money in and out of online bingo accounts. And for good reason. It’s fast. It’s easy. And it’s secure. Here’s how it works.

Instead of setting up your financial information with your online bingo site, you set it up with a 3rd party money transfer service, like Moneybookers or Neteller. The site will give you what’s called an eWallet. Instead of funding your online bingo account directly, you fund your eWallet, either by bank transfer or using your credit card.

Then, when you want to make an online bingo deposit, you move the money from your eWallet to your online bingo site. When you want to make an online bingo withdrawal, you move the money back to your eWallet.

Still not convinced that the eWallet is the way to go for online bingo banking withdrawals? Here are three reasons why you should seriously consider it.

Your bank account info stays private

While most of the big online bingo sites have watertight security to keep your bingo banking and personal info private, it’s human nature to want to keep your bank account information out of the hands of people you don’t know, especially when you’re requesting a bingo payout.

By using a 3rd party money transfer service, only the transfer service will know your account details. And human beings will never see your information. Everything is fully encrypted, so even if your information falls into the wrong hands, it’s completely useless.

Cashout times are fast

When you request an online bingo withdrawal to a 3rd party service, the money is moved from your online bingo banking account to the 3rd party money transfer account fast—sometimes in a matter of minutes. Once the money is in your 3rd party account, you can move the funds to your bank account, or even transfer the money to another gaming site. Since you don’t have to wait for a check to be mailed out, your online bingo withdrawal is processed quickly, and you’ll have your funds extremely fast

You can use it everywhere

Let’s say you play at a specific online bingo site and you’re making a ton of cash. You’ve tried your luck at some table games, but you’re not really interested in casinos. However, you love poker. If your online bingo site doesn’t offer poker, you might want to find a dedicated poker site that has a huge pool of players.

Once you’ve found your site, you can either set up your financial information with the poker site (which might require sending them identification, scanning your utility bill, and even waiting a few days to process banking information), or you can simply move money in and out of your poker account using your 3rd party money transfer service. The same service you’ve already set up.

Fast. Easy. Multi-site friendly. Try a 3rd party money transfer service for your next online bingo withdrawal and find out why more and more people are choosing them when they play and win online bingo.