Bingo: Not your grandma’s game


Bingo—if you mentioned it a couple of years ago, everyone would right away think of an elderly center or just another gathering of aged women and a boring game. But this is no longer the case!

The perception of bingo has changed radically, especially after online alternative was introduced. Bingo is becoming more and more popular among people of every age and all kind of personalities.

Some universities have special bingo nights that have already turned into kind of a tradition where students actually have a great time and take the whole “Bingo Night” idea to a whole different and new level: themed bingo, costumes, special prizes, etc; so, as you can see just by that example alone, it is nothing near your grandma’s game. Bingo is fun, it is versatile, and you can play it in practically any situation!

Great Alternative to Drinking Night Outs!

Sometimes you just want to get away from crazy drinking late nights and bingo game in the company of friends and family can be an ideal alternative for that. A cozy stay-in home evening can be just as much fun as a crazy night out. And you know what, sometimes one does not feel like going out but that does not mean he/she is not up for a whole lot of fun. Bingo at home is surely a great answer to that!

Educational Bingo: playing for more than just fun

Besides, we should not forget to mention that bingo is a great way to educate the little ones and at the same time keep them busy and seated while having fun. Bingo is a great way to teach your kids names of different animals, or numbers, or anything else. If you are tired of running around just get them seated around the table and let the relaxing fun begin! You can also incorporate bingo with special theme cards into various birthdays of holiday parties. You can even design the cards yourself and have them printed out.

Who said drinking should be excluded?!

We have already mentioned above that bingo is a great alternative to drinking night-out but who said that these two activities together are not compatible. On the other hand, it is double the fun! Call your friends; tell them to grab all the different drinks for mixing them up and coming up with everyone’s favorite cocktails, grab some snacks as well and let the crazy entertainment begin! You will not be able to notice how “your grandma’s game” will turn into one of the much loved ways of spending time among your friends, whether it is with or without some booze. Let your imagination go outside the box and bingo will never get boring.