Online Bingo Fuels Appetite For Live Bingo As Brand New Halls Open


There’s a big misconception in the world of Bingo. Many believe that as online bingo sites grow in popularity, land-based Bingo halls suffer as a consequence. With more people hopping online, Bingo halls close and communities suffer.

I can’t stress this enough. That’s a huge misconception. In fact, as people discover how fun online bingo can be, their appetite for live Bingo increases. And just the other day we learned that the appetite in Salem, Ohio is enormous. The Salem Saxon Club located on State Route 9 opened its doors on Wednesday, June 4th, 2014 at 4:30pm ET.

The club is celebrating in style by offering a free pasta dinner with all kinds of sides and free coffee to patrons. And next week, on June 11th, every player who shows up will receive free patriotic Bingo daubers, just in time to celebrate Independence Day.

The re-launch of the Bingo hall is a longtime coming. The club last held Bingo nights about 25 years ago. For those who love math, that’s a quarter century. I believe that as the popularity of online Bingo has fueled excitement, shuttered Bingo halls have opted to capitalize on the excitement.

The Saxon Club will be licensed for instant pulltabs and regular Bingo. They’ll also be licensed to sell pulltabs in the bar, though at this time the bar will remained closed (if you want to drink, your better off staying home and playing online bingo at

The Bingo club is doing something pretty special though, so you might not want to stay home. Players can enjoy something called Bonanza. A total of 45 numbers will be drawn and players can swap their card for a Bonanza card plus get another card for free with the purchase of another card. Yup, that’s a lot of cards. But isn’t that what Bingo is all about?

The new Salem Bingo hall is just one in a slew of new Bingo halls that could pop up over the next few years. In South Carolina, the Catawbas Indians are looking to build a new bingo hall that could very well become the most popular gaming establishment in the state for Bingo players.

I’m thrilled to see live Bingo thriving on a much bigger scale than I ever imagined. As a Bingo fan myself, I love the live experience as much as I do playing online Bingo. It’s nice to be able to mix things up once again.