My girlfriend’s first bingo experience


I remember the very first time I played live Bingo at a local hall. It was two years ago. I’m 33 years old and I always assumed Bingo was for the elderly. But a buddy of mine told me that a lot of young people play Bingo, so why not give it a go.

So I did. And I loved it. But here’s the thing. I didn’t win. Nothing. Barely filled up a card. But I went back because the social atmosphere was so amazing.

Fast forward to today. I’m really into online bingo and I’m finding it pretty easy to win, most likely because I play multiple cards at the same time. Yes, I do have losing streaks, but even when I’m not winning it’s a blast.

I’ve been dating Carly for a good year and she never really understood my online bingo obsession.

Just try it…” I’d tell her.

It’s not really my thing” she’d argue.

Carly wasn’t really into online bingo, most likely because she wasn’t really into technology. Aside from email and iMessage on her iPhone, she doesn’t really touch anything with a processor inside.

How about we try live bingo?” I asked her.

Surprisingly, she agreed. I hadn’t played live in a good six months because I had been spending most of my free time with Carly. Online bingo is obviously way easier to play while you’re chilling and watching TV, so that was never a big deal.

We made plans to head to a bingo hall that night. She was actually a lot more excited than I anticipated.

I have to warn you,” I told her. “You aren’t going to win. You’re going to have fun, but don’t expect to make any money.

I told her about my first live bingo experience and how I barely got to use the dauber. I told her that while it was a blast, it wasn’t exactly a moneymaker so she should expect to walk away with a loss.

We pulled into the Bingo hall, grabbed our cards, and sat down.

Under the B….37”. Carly hits. “Under the N… 9”. Again, Carly hits. She gave me a wink. “Under the G….22”…

Are you kidding me?” I screamed in disbelief.

Beginner’s luck?” she hesitantly responded.

She was two squares away from a win. All she needed was the right I and the right O. My card stood empty. And it would stay empty for a good 5 minutes. Then, Carly hit her O. She was one square away. I had yet to use the dauber. But the tables quickly turned. Within 4 minutes, I managed to catch up to her, filling four squares myself.

She needed I-17 to win. I need I-7. What were the odds?

I’ve never felt competition like this before. Not between me and my girlfriend. But I gotta say, it was awesome. I could hear her heart beating. She could hear my adrenaline pumping. It was beyond crazy.

And then it happened: “Under the I… Seven….teen.”

It was Carly’s. She hit Bingo. Before me. Before anyone else.

I thought beginner’s never win?” she asked, smiling and laughing as she headed up to hand in her winning card and collect her payout.

I guess guys are never right,” I responded.

The next night, Carly and I had planned to go out for a nice dinner. Something romantic. I had planned it for weeks.

“Cancel it,” she said when I picked her up. “We’re staying in to play online bingo.”