Most Popular No Bingo Games At 123bingo


Although we know that our 123Bingo family loves to visit our site because we have the highest paid and most varied bingo games in the cyber sphere, they have also discover other games that have captured their heart.

A few weeks ago, we ran a quick Facebook poll (some of you might even remember answering it for us), and we asked you to name a few of your favorite games at 123Bingo Online. Although we thought at first it will include every type of game there is available, you guys proved your loved for online slots. The final results have come in fresh from the press:

Get Cracking

Yee-haw! This popular 5 reel slot machine has many of you going to the farm on a daily basis! The quaint slot machine makes you feel ready to hustle and bustle in the ranch and get paid in bushels. You are going to need a big pitchfork to pick up all the cash that this loose slot has to offer! No wonder many of our clients pick this machine as a huge favorite!
Get Crackling! has a series of bonus that are truly fine as cream gravy! The Sizzling Skillet Bonus Round will give you more than delicious omelets when you pick eggs that are filled with bonuses! Just score 3 Sizzling Symbols on the first three reels to access it!

Diamond Surprise

In this glitzy slot, diamonds are not a girl’s best friend; they are buddies with everyone! According to the poll, some of our clients love the classic style of this 3 reel video slot which evokes the original slots machines of the old time casinos with its cherry and BAR symbols. But in this game, it is all about the diamonds!

Diamonds are wild in this slot machine and act as multipliers, bulking up you winnings by 2x, 3x and even 5x. They are also color diamond combinations that can up your winnings by 6x, 10x and 15x. Plus, if you score a yellow, blue, and red diamond in a row, you can even win $15,000 on a 3 coin bet!

3 Times the Riches

3 is considered a magic number and with such an straightforward name, I think is easy to guess why you guys love this 3 reel 5 payline slot so much! In this slot, it does not matter of you bet $0.05 or $5; you will multiply those earnings faster that you can say: Thirty-three players thrived on this thrilling slot thrice throughout Thursday!

All jokes aside, the bonuses of this sought after slot are truly one of a kind! The special feature is this game is the 3x Riches symbol because is wild. Once it appears in a winning combination, your winnings will be tripled. Moreover, if the symbol appears twice, it will multiply your winnings nine times! The power of three is strong in this one for sure!

So, if you want to take a little break from bingo or are just waiting for a new game to begin, take a little stroll down our slot department and discover the extra reasons why many customers are smiling at 123Bingo!