The most popular country for bingo is….


The United Kingdom.

Yup, If you had to crown one country king, it’s gotta be the United Kingdom, pun intended. Perhaps the mediocre weather that keeps people inside most of the fall and winter months is what drives people to bingo halls. Or maybe they just love the thrill of a big win. Whatever the reason, one thing is clear. People love to play bingo in the UK.

How much? Let’s put it this way. The UK is the home of the biggest land-based bingo win and the biggest online bingo win in history. Yup, the kingdom has the real world and the virtual world covered in terms of major bingo jackpot wins.

In December 2012, a factory worked popped a £5.9 million jackpot at an online bingo site. His victory actually came playing a Batman themed video slots game, but the fact that the win happened at an online bingo site—a website that’s designed for bingo fans—is a pretty big deal.

And it’s not just online that have UK players winning big. In 2008, Christine Bradfield won £1.1 million, shattering the record for the world’s biggest online bingo win in history.

Bingo is such a big deal in the UK that they actually have a National Bingo Game. This unique game connects bingo halls across the country so that multiple players in hundreds of clubs compete for the same big prize simultaneously—every day. The game was introduced almost 30 years ago in June 1986.

It’s not just the UK that tops our list of the most popular bingo countries. Bingo has taken North America by storm, with the United States and Canada being almost as popular as the UK. But it isn’t necessarily live bingo they’re playing.

In North America, online bingo has pretty much taken over the live bingo concept. Bingo rooms are usually restricted to racetrack casinos that aren’t easily accessible, so a lot of Americans and Canadians tend to gravitate to the online world. What’s more, because online sites feature players from all over the world, the prize pools seem to be a lot bigger, much like the National Bingo Game in the UK.

If you want to experience the excitement of online bingo without leaving your home, is your best bet for maximum thrills and paydays. It’s free to create an account and you can check out all the games for free. And who knows? You might make headlines as the next big bingo winner, whether you live in the UK, Canada, the US, or somewhere completely different that’s on its way to becoming the next big bingo destination.