Most Embarrassing Bingo Stories

innerembarrsasing18082015One thing that is inevitable in life is that we will make a mistake or possibly embarrass ourselves. One of our favorite games of course provides an opportunity to do that. Today we will cover some amusing anecdotes involving embarrassing bingo stories. I am sure we have all been there one time or another so this may help not only provide some comic relief but also show you that you are not alone. I know I have made a fool of myself at the bingo table before and it probably wouldn’t be the last time as I am kind of clumsy. Without further ado, let’s cover some of the more amusing stories I have received.

Premature celebration: We received one story for this when a player was only one number away from that coveted “Bingo!” we pursue. That number was 88. So as the tension builds, waiting number after number getting closer and closer… she got a little bit of tunnel vision so when she heard the caller announce “Eighty…” before he could finish she jumped up and yelled Bingo! With much enthusiasm only for the number to be 87… Just one number away from the win but close isn’t good enough. To add insult to injury, somebody else had that number and got the win. Ouch! Talk about bad luck.

Man Down!: One of our younger players plays a bingo game out in L.A. that is a little bit more animated and has a bit of a new twist to it. At this hall, one of the staples is the celebration dances when they win, they add to the fun and everyone enjoys having a good time adding their own creative flair to their celebrations with costumes, props, you name it. Right when he won he went to jump on the table to start his celebration only to fall down and break his arm in the process. After all the laughter subsided, everyone saw he was injured and called the paramedics. Talk about embarrassing!

Right timing, wrong place: Nothing is better than that moment we have realized we have hit the win and we can triumphantly yell “Bingo!” which is the whole reason we play the game. So, in this anecdote, the number called was right, it was a bingo but after jumping up and shouting their win… they realized it was their neighbors bingo sheet. Her and her friend like to play a lot at once so she got mixed up and embarrassed herself a bit but hey it was her friend anyway so it wasn’t as bad or embarrassing as it could have been from what she tells me. Luckily her friend is a good sport.

So as you can see, there are a few different ways to make a fool of yourself when you are playing. Have any of these happened to you? What is your most embarrassing Bingo story that you can recall? Hopefully it wasn’t as bad as some of these. As always, thanks for reading and good luck.