Meet The 123Bingo Chat Hosts: Pally

Today we are sharing with you one of our interviews with everyone’s friends: our Bingo Chat Hosts. We had the opportunity to sit down and chit chat with Pally. Besides having a great time conversing, we also learned a thing or two about the role of bingo chat hosts. Here’s the transcription of our little chat:

123Bingo: How long have you been a chat host?

Pally: It’s been almost 8 months now working as a chat host.

123Bingo: How did you end up becoming a chat host?

Pally: Chatting is my hobby, when I got a call for an interview; it was like as if my dream was coming true. I got selected as chat host and my hobby became my career. What else I could ask for?

123Bingo: What are your primary duties?

Pally: As a chat host my primary duties are to take care of the rooms & roomies, to engage them in chatting & chat games and retain them in the room as long as I can! If they want to leave, it means I’m not doing my job.

123Bingo: What’s the best part of your job?

Pally: When I make my roomies happy and they say –“you made my day”-. That is the best feeling and the best part of my job.

123Bingo: What’s the craziest question you’ve been asked?

Pally: Oh! One woman once asked me: -You flirt only with me or with every woman over here?- That’s made me blush a little…haha!

123Bingo: Do you get to play games for free?

Pally: Yes, free games….but I hardly play them.

123Bingo: What’s your favorite game?

Pally: BINGO…blackjack

123Bingo: Is there anything you think might make your job better? Anything you would change?

Pally: One chat host for one room …will make it easier for sure.

123Bingo: How do you prepare yourself for your job?

Pally: I just try to improve my communication skills, because good communication is key to chat host success.

123Bingo: What are the skills needed to be a good chat host?

Pally: Attentiveness, activeness, be able to respond quickly, active listener, patience, friendliness, empathy, and politeness are definitely the skills to be a good chat host.

We had a blast with Pally! Have you ever gotten a chance to have Pally as your chat host? What was your experience like?