Meet The 123Bingo Chat Hosts: Brian

Being a bingo chat host is every interesting and demanding job. Many people who play bingo online fall in love with the idea of becoming one themselves. We were lucky enough to talk to a few of these talented and very hard working chat hosts and found out what it takes to be a bingo chat host.

We asked Chat Host Brian a few questions about the life of a bingo chat host and if you love online bingo, you’ll want to find out what Brian had to say about his job.

123Bingo: Everyone wants your job and we’re all dying to know exactly how you become a chat host.

Brian: “It was one of those lucky days when I got a call for an interview. I got selected and joined here as a chat host. “

123Bingo: What are your primary duties of being chat host?

Brian: “Being a host, my primary duties are to welcome the players, solve their queries, give them bonuses, and give them a pleasant and friendly environment. I also entertain and beat the drum with the players. “

123Bingo: So I guess being a people person and enjoying a good conversation is a must to be a chat host for online bingo. What would you consider the best of your job?

Brian: “All the affection and love from the roomies is the best part of the job. Plus, I get paid for this. I can’t believe it; WOW!”

123Bingo: I can imagine getting paid to do something you would likely do for free is a bit mind blowing; lol. What’s the craziest question you’ve been asked?

Brian: “Will you marry me?”

123Bingo: I see you smile when you answered that one. Haha! So, what makes a good chat host?

Brian: “The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them. I guess this is what makes you a good chat host.”

123Bingo: Makes perfect sense. Since you are a “Chat Host” listening and talking would be a good trait to have. I’m sure everyone is wondering if you get to play free games.

Brian: “Yes, we can play some games for free.”

123Bingo: My favorite game is Craps because of all the excitement that goes along with it. What’s your favorite game to play?

Brian: “Blackjack”

That would be my second favorite to play; I love the skill it takes to win at Blackjack. You don’t just sit there and hope to win.

123Bingo: Is there anything you think might make your better? Or anything you would change?

Brian: “Yes, 1 room at a time. Multiple room handling by one chat host can divert my attention.”

123Bingo: How do you prepare yourself for this job?

Brian: “I read a lot mainly. The habit of reading helps me to start and carry on conversations with my roomies.”

123Bingo: I’m sure you get a good bit of flack from the roomies. Not everyone can be pleasant and I’m sure defusing a situation can take a bit of know how. What are the skills needed to be a good chat host?

Brian: “A chat host should be understanding, patient, sincere and fast with his fingers; for typing 😉

Well Brian, I appreciate your time and I’m sure everyone who reads this will thank you as well. It’s nice to get inside the mind of someone who has one of the best jobs in the world that everyone wants.

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