Man With Tourette’s Syndrome Gets Kicked Out Of Bingo Hall


Can you imagine being banned from a Bingo hall because you had a disease or disorder of some sort? I can understand if it was Ebola or something pretty contagious, but any other disease and the world would be fuming.

But that didn’t stop one Bingo hall in the UK for banning a player with Tourette’s syndrome. 23-year-old Louis Bunn was asked to leave a Bingo hall in the UK due to his involuntary tics.

If you’re not familiar with Tourette’s syndrome, it’s an affliction that causes a person to have involuntary tics. In many cases, those with Tourette’s syndrome swear uncontrollably and appear disruptive. However, many go on to lead normal lives and have successful careers.

Dan Aykroyd, the famous Canadian actor who is arguably best known for his role in the hit motion picture Ghostbusters, was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome. And former Philadelphia Phillies outfielder has Tourette’s syndrome. He currently runs a foundation to help children with Tourette’s achieve personal success.

So with that said, anyone with Tourette’s syndrome can do anything with the right support system. Except, of course, play Bingo in the UK.

According to allegations made by Mr. Bunn, the Bingo caller made fun of him and his uncontrollable outbursts. Apparently, the Bingo hall staff went on the microphone and made some inappropriate remarks, singling out Bunn as the night went on. Please watch the video below where Mr. Bunn explains the whole thing:

Management claims that Bunn was aggressive against an old lady who was enjoying a game of Bingo. He is also accused of being aggressive to female members of staff and spitting on someone.

I’m not sure what to think of this story. But I do know that online Bingo is a great option people with Tourette’s. I’m not saying Bunn should have been kicked out of the casino. But I am suggesting that Bunn not return to the Bingo hall, especially if they treated him with such disrespect as alleged.

There is another interesting piece to this story. According to reports, some staff members though the tics were deliberate attempts to disrupt other players in an effort to beat them to a complete Bingo card. If cheating was suspected, it adds another layer of complexity to the story.

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