Man suffers a heart attack playing bingo


A lot of people use the expression “I almost had a heart attack” to describe a reaction due to shock or excitement. In fact, I’ve heard people at use the phrase to describe winning tens of thousands playing online bingo.

Thankfully, all these people were just fine. There heart may have raced a bit when they suddenly realize they were sitting on more money than they could imagine, but there was no real cause for concern. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for a UK man in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire last Wednesday. The man, in his sixties, suffered a heart attack while playing Bingo.

And here’s the worst part. The game didn’t stop. Not for one second. While there were five first aid responders and two nurses playing Bingo, the Bingo caller decided to keep the game going. Those trained in first aid attempted to resuscitate him in the hallway as they waited for the ambulance to show.

According to the spokesperson for Mecca Bingo, the club had been following the advice of the emergency services department. Carrying on as usual was actually probably a safer bet than ordering an evacuation. Had the hall evacuated, you would have had a stampede of people storming out of the hall, which could have caused traffic headaches for the ambulances.

This isn’t the first time it’s happened. In 2011, a bingo caller refused to end a game that was in progress even though a woman collapsed and was suffering a heart attack right before everyone’s eyes. Players even begged the caller to end the game but the caller refused. Her reasoning? People might crowd the woman and make things way worse.

Because we’ve heard about this happening before, the latest story doesn’t surprise us. What we find most intriguing, however, is how many medical professionals there were on site. There were two nurses and five first aid responders playing Bingo that night, a testament to the fact that Bingo attracts people of all ages and professions.

To avoid getting too sidetracked, I’ll stay on topic here. I hope the man who suffered a heart attack was taken care of. Bingo can be an exciting game, but I’m not sure the heart attack was necessarily related to the act of playing. That said, sitting down for long periods of time isn’t good for anyone. Remember to take breaks and stretch—and don’t forget to work out, specifically if you’re playing online Bingo for long periods of time.