Lucky You! Bingo Tips for Newbies

Bingo isn’t just a game for the retiree at the Florida retirement village it is also a game for people who love the thrill of winning games of chance.

If you’re new to the game of Bingo, you can walk into the game blindly and hope you win, or you can follow these simple Bingo tips that can help you win and have a lot of fun doing it. Yes, you can learn to play Bingo online simply by playing Bingo online – simple.

Pick a Good Time

When playing Bingo, your best bet for a better chance of winning is to play on weeknights when fewer people are logged in to play. After a long day at work, caring for the family, and taking care of whatever needs to be done around that house, most people will opt for a bit of TV watching and then bed.

When there are less people online, it will allow more numbers to be called which could increase your chances of having all the numbers you need to win, called.

Choose a Winning Bingo Website

Don’t just Google “online Bingo” and expect to find the perfect site for you. There are so many different online Bingo sites out there that you really have to do your homework to find one that fits all of your needs. Do you like to play creative Bingo games? Do you like to chat while you play? Do you like to win bonuses? If you said yes to all of those questions, your ideal online Bingo site is Just sayin’.

Buy your Tickets

When you play online Bingo you need to consider a few things before buying your tickets (Bingo cards). If you are playing in a room where other people are doing things (i.e. watching TV, playing games, cleaning, screaming, jumping up and down on the couch), you shouldn’t buy more than two cards. Too many distractions in a room can make it difficult to keep track of the numbers called and the numbers you need to X out, so buying more than one or two cards could just be a colossal waste of money. But your ticket based on how much direct, undivided attention you can give to the game.

Have Fun

Play to have fun. Playing to win money can sometimes get so stressful that you actually lose. When you login to and buy your cards, commit to playing just for the fun of it, we can tell you that people who make Bingo into work, win less and gripe more.

These simple Bingo tips will help you win and have a good time as you learn to play Bingo online.