Let’s Play the Comic-Con Bingo!


Finally, a bingo game has arrived that combines my two great passions: Bingo and Comic Characters. Ever since my brother gave me his worn-out copy of X-men, I have been a fan of comic books.

From that moment on, I officially joined the geek army and now a have a nice little collection of comic books and some action figures my friends have given to me and some I have bought myself.

Now, as an adult, nothing takes me back to my childhood days as reading a new comic or going to the movies and seeing all the new superhero flicks that are so popular these days. I wear my geek batch with pride because I think that keeping your inner child alive is always a good way to momentarily decompress from all the pressures of adult life (besides playing a nice few rounds of online Bingo of course!).

Shows like The Big Bang Theory have opened the geek universe to the rest of the population, who have learned about action figures, ridiculously large props, costumes and events like Comic Con, the mega convention of comic lovers. The 2014 Comic Con is scheduled in San Diego from the 24th to the 27th of July and many fans are waiting anxiously to buy the tickets, since they sell in matter of minutes. Yes, the geek army is a scary thing folks!


Going to one of this conventions really is heaven on earth for any comic fan, and the friends at TimeOut New York have created a fun little bingo card that you can use and play while you nerd out with your friends at Comic Con this year!

Maybe you can give the winner a present, like an adorable bingo basket or a Comic Con souvenir!

Before you say that the characters in the card are very hard to find, let me tell you, they are not, I can even assure you will find most of these characters before the end of the first day!

You can also modify the chart and do a bingo theme party in which they have to find these characters around your house, like a bingo treasure hunt! Or just dress up and invite your friends over or a night of geeky conversation and awesome prizes playing at 123Bingo!