Keep your mind alert: the older generation turns to digital Bingo

Bingo Keeps Mind Alert 123Bingo OnlineOnline Bingo in the senior’s home: Why the older generation is turning to the digital version

When you think of Bingo, you automatically think of seniors. After all, it’s a game enjoyed by senior citizens all around the world. But it goes way beyond just having fun and socializing. Bingo, online or live, can actually help the elderly feel young. And there’s some science behind this, so listen up.

We all think of Bingo as a leisurely game for the elderly – a game that many seniors play to pass the time. But research shows it could do a lot more than that. Recent studies reveal that as senior’s visual skills decline as they age, playing Bingo, online or live, can actually help the eyes stay alert by enhancing mental flexibility and agility.

The proof is in the numbers. Another recent study shows that older online Bingo players show more accuracy than younger players while playing the popular card and numbers game. While younger players were faster, older players daubed more numbers correctly. And in examinations, older Bingo players showed much higher accuracy in exams compared to older non-Bingo players. While older Bingo players might have been slower than younger players, the mere practice of reacting and competing can help improve elderly people’s coordination and improve how they respond.

The initial study was conducted in live Bingo halls, but more recent studies used the digital version of Bingo, much like you’d find at, to see how seniors react. After getting over the small learning curve, the results were pretty much identical.

So what’s behind this? Is it online Bingo itself? Or is there something bigger at play. Well, Bingo is a competitive game. And like all competitive games, the chance of winning or losing gets the brain excited and causes your body to release endorphins. That could in turn cause you to feel relaxed after a game, which could help you stay active and feel energetic. Because it’s faster, online Bingo could actually lead to even more excitement, more often.

Online Bingo is gaining interest in senior citizen homes. While it hasn’t yet caught up to live Bingo in terms of popularity, it is proving popular and could one day surpass the live version. That’s because as senior homes introduce computers to their residents, they’ve found that providing seniors with something familiar on their computer helps them feel comfortable with the new technology. While Skype and email can often feel like a foreign concept to someone who hasn’t used technology before, the presence of a Bingo card makes them feel right at home.