Is The Bingo Crime World Run By Women?


When it comes to live gambling, there’s crime. We’re not going to beat around the bush. Gambling often attracts people looking to make a quick buck, no matter who might be standing in their way.

Yes, hundreds of millions of people around the world gamble honestly and do so for entertainment purposes only. But they don’t make the news. The ones who do are the people who try to scam the system.

In the casino world, those people tend to be men. The guy who robbed Bellagio in Vegas on a motorcycle. The guy who brought counterfeit chips to a poker tournament and Bellagio and brought the event to a standstill. The group of men who robbed Caesars in Atlantic City this past July.

All guys and all too common. So where are the women in all of this? Before you suggest they’re sitting at home behaving, I’ve figured out the truth: They’re all busy committing bingo crimes.

Yup, according to my research, most bingo criminals are women. My evidence is mostly anecdotal using a small sample to guide my thesis, but hear me out. A quick look at the news this past week reveals that the bingo dauber is a dangerous weapon.

Take April Piercy, who was just sentenced to 14 months in jail after blowing £140 a day playing live and online bingo in the UK. Now there’s nothing illegal about losing money playing bingo even if your intent is to win. But when you forge doctor invoices and commit fraud from your business to pay for your gambling addiction, that’s called criminal.

And then there’s Tracey Seery who swiped a purse containing £130 from Gala Bingo in the UK. She made bail on the condition that she doesn’t enter Gala Bingo Hall again.

Still not convinced of my theory? Then look no further than Patricia Lomas. The 55-year-old stole cash from investors and funneled the money to her own accounts to fund her gambling addiction. In a span of five years, she blew £759,625 on various online gaming websites. She was sentenced to four years in jail.

So there you have it. When it comes to bingo crime, women tend to be the culprits. Of course all the stories I’ve presented occurred in the UK, so maybe my theory has more to do with living on the other side of the pond than it does with being female.

Either way, crime doesn’t pay, no matter who you are and where you live. So if you want to profit from bingo, play some bingo tournaments and have fun. You won’t end up in jail – or a topic of my next blog post.