Is Spring The Official Season Of Bingo Crime?


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Whether you love Bingo or casino games, you’ll find loads of great options. And it’s safe. You don’t have to worry about getting robbed at gunpoint (well, we can’t guarantee you won’t, but if it happens, it’s not because you were playing Bingo). But that isn’t always the case in live scenarios, as our recent Bingo crime stories seem to reveal.

Read on for the details.

Man robs Bingo hall in Regina, Canada

On Sunday, June 8th, a man armed with a pellet gun stood outside of a Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada) Bingo hall demanding money. When no one handed him the cash, he decided to move his quest for riches indoors. He walked into the Bingo hall, grabbed some cash off of a table, and left. He was arrested at the scene and charged with armed robbery. And while no one got hurt in the incident, we can imagine a lot of people deciding to switch to online Bingo after witnessing that madness.

Armed robber strikes friendly game of Bingo

Back in May, a man burst into an apartment in Hickory, North Carolina, interrupting a group of friends who were playing Bingo on their smartphones. The man had an assault rifle similar to an AR-15 and began to rob the unsuspecting Bingo players. But one Bingo player was able to escape out the window to alert police, and when the robber witnessed it, he ran out the front door. Police are still searching for the suspect.

Bingo player steals to pay off £20,000 in debts

Over in the UK, a mother addicted to bingo ran up £20,000 in debts by playing online. She was facing bankruptcy, so she did what any honest, hardworking Brit or American would do: she stole thousands of pounds from a children’s nursery school (we’re kidding, no honest person would steal – shame on her).

And to add insult to injury, the judge ordered her to pay back just £1 as punishment. Needless to say, parents aren’t happy. The judge ruled that she already has enough debts. We think that’s beyond ridiculous and should pay through the nose.

We’d also like to know what online casino she was playing at. At, we have mechanisms in place to make sure people aren’t gambling more than they can afford. When we suspect someone is gambling beyond his or her means, we limit their deposits or cut them off completely, pointing them in the direction of our free games instead.