Is it safe to use your credit card at an online bingo site?

Before we tackle whether using a credit card at an online bingo site is safe, we’ve got a better question for you.


Is using a credit card at your favorite restaurant safe?

Strange question for an online bingo banking discussion? Not really. At a restaurant, you get your bill, you take out your credit card, you drop it into the billfold, and you hand it to the waiter.

It’s a good three to five minutes before the waiter returns with your credit card. That’s enough time for your waiter to write down your credit card number, text it to a friend, and rack up charges on your credit card without you having a clue.

Now let’s take a look at using your credit card to play bingo online.

You take out your credit card. It’s still in your hands. You type in some numbers. Again, the credit card number is still in your hands. You hit the OK button. And then boom. The money is in your account. And yup. The card is still, you guessed it, in your hands.

Nowhere during the process has your credit card left your sight. Ever.


By now, you’re thinking, “Yeah, but are those credit card numbers floating around through cyberspace safe?”


Absolutely. If you shop online for books, movies, clothing, or anything else, using your credit card to fund your online bingo works the same way. You enter your credit card number, type in your CCV code, and authorize your transaction.


Your online bingo banking transaction is encrypted with the highest level of security so that your credit card number and personal information are protected from hackers.

If you’re not convinced that using a credit card at an online bingo site is safe, don’t worry. The best bingo sites have all kinds of other banking options to choose from. It’s not just Visa and Mastercard that can get you into the game.

Still worried about unauthorized transactions appearing on your credit card statement? Most credit card companies will take care of any unauthorized charges and conduct an investigation into who made the charge so that you’re not on the hook for it.

Alternatively, you could use a Prepaid Mastercard or Prepaid Visa to fund your account.

Bottom line? You don’t have to worry about a thing when using your credit card at an online bingo site, as long as the site is reputable.