Is Bingo on Facebook Over?


They said Facebook was the future of online gambling. They said that Zynga was supposed to revolutionize everything and put all the other gambling apps – those that didn’t live on Facebook – out of business.

But now it looks like that while social networks are great at connecting people, they’re not exactly a favorite for gambling. Last week, Gamesys, which is the producer of all kinds of gambling software (including the software that powers Virgin Casino and Tropicana Casino in New Jersey), has decided that they’re getting out of the Facebook real-money Bingo business.

The company announced on June 2nd that they’re withdrawing their real-money Bingo and Slots Friendzy app from Facebook after just two years in operation. Gamesys didn’t reveal why they’re pulling their app, but some publications believe that the Facebook operation didn’t generate the type of revenue they were expecting.

I’m not terribly surprised. While I prefer 123BingoOnline for both Bingo and online casino games, Gamesys does make a decent product. I was in New Jersey last week and got to play a few games on their Tropicana Casino website. I enjoyed it. And then I went over to Facebook and tried their Bingo software. While it was decent, there’s something about games on Facebook that I just don’t love.

Living in the Facebook ecosystem seems a little odd. I’ve found that a lot of gaming software runs slower and tends to be buggier than comparable games that run through the web or as a standalone app. Think about it. If a casino runs through the web, you’re using your browser to access the website directly. If you’re playing through Facebook, you’re using your browser to log in to Facebook, to then log in to an online gambling app.

There are far too many layers for my liking. I prefer a streamlined system. I even prefer standalone apps to web instant play versions, though I must admit’s web version is amazingly fast.

Anyway, I’m getting off topic here. If you play on the Gamesys platform on Facebook, don’t worry. Your funds are safe, according to sources we’ve spoken to (Gamesys is a big company and very reputable, much like us, so there’s nothing to worry about). But if you’re looking for a new place to play, I recommend giving a try. I think you’ll be very impressed by what you’ll find.

And you’ll even find us on Facebook. No, not our app. But you will find our amazing community of over 23,000 players who love Bingo as much as you do.