Interesting Bingo News From The World


This week, there’s a lot going on in bingo news. While most of the interesting stuff is happening offline, online bingo does come into play. Wherever you like to scream, “Bingo!”, this week’s stories could affect you, so read on.

From a great outlook from an important project which thrives to mix live bingo and efforts to improve senior citizens health in Georgia, through a significant drop in attendance at Bingo Halls in Indiana, up to a positive solution presented by a Canada province to make sure Bingo continues to be a profitable and alluring entertainment choice, specially for youngsters… there is plenty to inform about today!

Bingo can improve the health of senior citizens

The headline might seem a bit odd at first glance. Sure, we all know that fruits and veggies are good for us. So is daily exercise. But bingo? Seems like a bit of a stretch.

Not in the state of Georgia, apparently. A local community center is hosting a bingo night and health education session for senior citizens. The aim? To introduce seniors to home health care agencies, pharmacies, dentist offices, and other things that can improve their overall health.

We like this idea and we think more live bingo halls should offer health services – or at least connect seniors with the right kind of information.

Indiana sees significant drop in bingo attendance

The winter storms that have walloped much of the US and Canada over the last four months has been bad news for bingo halls. Attendance at a lot of halls across North America has dropped.

While the weather isn’t entirely to blame, it definitely doesn’t help. That said, bingo halls have seen a steady decrease in revenue over the last few years. In Indiana, for example, state bingo revenues in 2007 were $425 million. In 2012, that number dropped to $182 million. The 2013 numbers haven’t been reported yet, but things don’t look great.

Many are concerned that people are staying away from bingo in droves. And as senior citizens age, fewer people are playing. But the truth is that bingo, like almost everything else, seems to be migrating online.

Remember Blockbuster Video? They used to have brick-and-mortar stores where you could go in and rent a video. Then, when you were done, you’d return it. Seems like a foreign concept now that iTunes and Netflix have a stranglehold on the market.

While we don’t think live bingo halls will ever close down, they will have to revamp to compete with online bingo.

Canadian province props up bingo with money

While some states might just accept that live bingo revenues are down and expect them to remain that way, one Canadian province is refusing to rollover. Prince Edward Island is planning to revitalize their bingo industry with a $140,000 cash infusion.

While that might not seem like a lot on the surface, there are actually only 140,000 people in the province, and only a fraction of them actually play bingo. So really, that’s a pretty good chunk of change.

If you live in PEI, expect to see advertising that’s designed to attract a younger market. It’s an interesting strategy considering most jurisdictions look at bingo as a game for seniors (just look at our healthcare report above for proof).

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