How To Understand Bingo Cashable Bonuses


Bonuses, bonuses, bonuses! One of the defining clinchers when players decide where to play their favorite games online; this little word becomes a huge deal. Sometimes there are so many bonuses and so much jargon that you might get confused. So let’s keep things simple. Let’s talk about cashable bonuses.

Cashable bonus is a technical way of saying something very simple: When you redeem a bonus, win with it and desire to withdraw those winnings, you don’t have to pay the bonus back to the casino! This is precisely what makes these specific bonuses so great. Talk about more bang for your buck!

Be sure to understand how the system works. Let’s say, for instance, you obtain a 200% cashable promotional bonus. You’ve got 200% more on top of your original balance! If there is a Playthrough minimum, you must wager the Playthrough total amount in order to comply with the wager requirement. When players request a withdrawal, they lose an amount of bonus money. If you had used a non-cashable bonus, you’d need to pay the bonus back, leaving you with only your depositing amount and whatever else you have won.

Lastly, be very sure to read the terms and conditions, both for the website and for the bonus you’re looking to redeem. Yes, this is tedious and boring. You just want to play, right? Well, that is what casinos, and many other businesses, count on. No one reads the terms and conditions and further on down the line you find out you agreed to something you are not okay with. It is very important to understand what is going to be happening with the money you deposit, the bonus you accepted, and the money you will be able to withdraw.

Other bonuses

There are many other different types of bonuses as well. There are Loyalty bonuses, No Deposit bonuses, exclusive bonuses, and referral bonuses.

Loyalty bonuses are bonuses that casinos only offer their long-time customers. No-deposit bonuses really do mean what they seem to; you do not have to deposit money to get the bonus. (Disclaimer: back-to-back no-deposit bonuses are specifically prohibited, if the last bonus coupon redeemed was a no-deposit bonus, a deposit must be made before the 2nd no-deposit bonus may be redeemed. While the no-deposit bonus itself does not require a deposit, the player would need to make one in order to claim it.) These bonuses tend to be for opening a new account and are usually not very large. Read the terms and conditions for these carefully, since free money tends to have strings attached. Referral bonuses are for referring a new player to the casino, and exclusive bonuses are…well, exclusive. These only show up rarely, sometimes by third party websites offering a bonus on a certain casino. You just gotta keep an eye out for these.

That’s a basic rundown of the different types of bonuses. Make sure you find the casino that has the best bonuses to suit your taste and wagering abilities. Everyone is different, so that’s why there are so many bonuses. Come give our bonuses a try! We’re confident you won’t be disappointed.