How To Throw An Amazing Bingo Party For Kids


Oh, the birthday party. As if it’s not hard enough to plan one for yourself, imagine planning one for a bunch of 11-year-olds. They’re too old for those traditional indoor play parks. They’re too young to take out to a nice restaurant. And let’s face it. No one wants to chaperone a bunch of pre-teens to watch a movie for a few hours.

The bowling party has been done to death. Laser tag? I’m pretty sure it’s no longer 1997, at least according to the calendar on my iPhone 5S. So what’s a great party idea that won’t break the bank?

If you love Bingo, then consider a Bingo party. No matter how old your kids are, you can customize the event so it works for you. We’ll show you how, right now.

1. Create Bingo invitations

To have a Bingo party, you’re going to need Bingo players. So make sure you invite enough friends to make it fun. Start by creating Bingo-themed invitations. You could purchase run-of-the-mill invitations from your local Target. Or you could create them on your own using your Mac or PC if you’ve got some basic desktop publishing skills. And if you don’t, head to a site like where you can create your own Bingo-themed invitations.

2. Get your Bingo supplies

You’ll need all the standard Bingo equipment, like Bingo daubers, balls, a cage, and Bingo cards. You can pick these up at any party supply store, WalMart, or if you plan ahead,

3. Buy some prizes

While there won’t be any entry fee for your son or daughter’s friends to play Bingo, be mindful that they will likely show up with a gift for your child. So, it’d be nice to spend a little cash on some Bingo prizes. You don’t have to go crazy. We recommend gift cards to ice cream shops like Menchie’s or Dairy Queen as prizes. You could also grab iTunes gift cards (who doesn’t love music and apps?) or even discounted Xbox 360 or PS3 games (a great call now that the Xbox One and PS4 are out).

4. Decorate your house

The possibilities for cool Bingo decorations are endless – and inexpensive. Instead of multi-colored balloons, grab white ones and write different numbers on them in black marker. They’ll look just like Bingo balls. You can get creative with streamers, too, by writing B-I-N-G-O all over them.

5. Don’t forget the cake

We’re thinking a Bingo card cake. You could have each square feature a different number. Or you could get creative by having every square feature the age of the birthday boy or girl. You could also alternate between their birth year, their age, and their birth month to make it more meaningful. Oh, and if cupcakes are more your thing, a little white icing can make them look just like Bingo balls.

A Bingo party is relatively inexpensive, especially if you have it at home. And if your kids’ friends love competition, it might be the most memorable party they’ve ever been to.