How to throw the absolute best holiday Bingo party


It’s the holidays! Well, almost. As soon as Black Friday hits and we all hit the malls for the best sales, we’ll be in all out holiday mode! As Bingo players, there’s nothing more magical than December.

We absolutely love it, especially when we get around to throwing our holiday parties. As you can imagine the offices are pretty festive. And a lot of our parties involve playing Bingo.

But we’re not talking about ordinary Bingo. We’re talking holiday-themed bingo. If you want to have your own holiday Bingo party, you’re in luck. We’ve put together some great ideas for planning the perfect Bingo night!

Change up your Bingo cards

Who says your holiday Bingo card needs to say Bingo? Any 5-letter term will do, as long as each letter is different. We thought about replacing the B, I, N, G, O with S, A, N, T, A, but you’d have two A’s, and that just won’t work. So, let’s turn to the reindeer. There are three great ones to choose from—Vixen, Comet, or Cupid.

Just replace all bingo cards with the five letters from whichever reindeer you choose. And make sure the balls you draw have matching letters. For even more fun, mix things up throughout the evening and change reindeer!

Add symbols to the cards

You don’t have to draw just numbers. Try working with different holiday symbols too. Try Christmas trees, present symbols, Christmas lights, mistletoe, a photo of Santa, and so on. If you celebrate Hanukkah or are inviting guests who do, add a menorah, some potato latkes, and donuts to the mix. Whatever holiday you celebrate, it’s easy to add symbols. Just make sure the symbols that are on the card are also on the balls.

Stock the night with holiday refreshments

This might seem obvious, but don’t forget to feed your guests! What’s a bingo night without great food and drinks? So if you’re planning one for the holidays, make sure you’ve got eggnog, gingerbread men, candy canes, and other delicious holiday cheer.

Don’t forget great holiday prizes

If you’re hosting a Bingo party, you might not want to give away all sorts of big prizes, but small gift card could be a great idea. Consider a $10 Starbucks card here, another Best Buy card there, and so on. To make it fun without blowing your bankroll, have each guest agree to bring one or two gift cards for the prize pool.

Have the Bingo caller dress up as Santa

The Bingo caller is going to be handing out the prizes, so why not have him dress up as Santa? It will make the night way more fun. If the caller is female, Mrs. Claus will do just fine. Or an elf. You can find some great costumes at all sorts of novelty stores, and buying one doesn’t have to break the bank.

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