How to play bingo games for the first time?

If you have been thinking about trying bingo chat rooms but have felt a little hesitant about because you are not sure how to do it, we have something for you: 123Bingo Online brings you a quick guide on how to play bingo on our website easy, with everything you need to know to get started. Are you ready? Let’s move along:

First things first:

Bingo Rules

You probably already know how to play bingo; however there are some differences between real life bingo (the one you would play at a hall or at home) and online bingo. Here are some important rules you certainly need to take into consideration:

Things to know before you deposit:

1. Know the details about the sign-up bonus. Let’s take a look at 123Bingo Online: When you sign up you get $25 to play any of the games and an additional $5 to try out the Treasure Island games.

2. You can cash out some of your winnings from that first $25: There is a $50 max cashout AFTER you’ve made your first deposit.

3. Understand what you can and cannot do with your bonus. For example here you can play bingo, slots and keno only.

4. Ask how the bonus is credited. Do you get it up front or do you have to qualify to receive it? This information should easily be available to you no matter where you play.

5. Always make sure you check out the Withdrawal policy and completely understand how it works. Are there any requirements you need to comply with before you can receive a withdrawal?

6. Make sure the website is easy to contact. Call the number and send them an email. If they don’t respond to you during your test, chances are they won’t respond to when you need them to. At 123Bingo Online you also have the chance to chat with our agents Live.

7. Do your research! Usually at online bingo rooms they have many different bingo variations and patterns you may not be used to play, these are easy to learn, but it would better if you get to know them ahead of time.

Now that you know the basic rules of online bingo:

The Sign Up Process

This is the easiest part, if you have made the decision to try out online bingo, all you have to do is go to the registration form and fill it out (shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes). Once you have done this you will receive a verification email, follow the steps and soon you will be playing with hundreds of people from all over the world! At first you might feel a bit lost, since online bingo looks different that one would expect, but it shouldn’t take you long to understand how the game and design work.

Make sure you are aware that the chat host is not only there to keep the chat interesting, usually they can help you through your first games. Now you are ready to have lots of fun!