How to Make Bingo Sexy

innersexy09182015The casino industry has always been instilled with a certain level of sex appeal. Whether it’s the scantily clad cocktail waitresses, the formal attire of guests or just the atmosphere created by all of that money changing hands, there’s just something about casinos that can really get the blood pumping. While roulette, blackjack and baccarat are all synonymous with these types of feelings, one game gets noticeably less love: bingo.

While bingo may be a favorite of grandparents and church socials, it’s far from a one trick pony for players who want to add a little spice. So, how do you transform this simple game into a stimulating event? Let’s take a look at a few quick and easy ways to make your next bingo night a sexy occasion.

Switch up the Prizes

While electronics and gift cards may be ideal offerings for normal bingo nights, they simply won’t fit the bill for your sexy bingo games. Instead, you’ll need prizes that can really get the players’ motors running. A few suggestive pieces of lingerie could be a great start, and sex toys and accessories are more options to really promote your theme. With sexy bingo, winning the game is just a precursor to the opportunity to really get lucky later on in the evening.

Add Some Flair

Costumes are a great way to completely change the atmosphere surrounding your bingo event. Have the bingo caller dressed as a sexy nurse or doctor, and add a few attractive assistants to keep the focus of the room squarely on the stage. Want to up the ante a little more? Have your players wear sexy costumes of their own. Maybe the best costume gets an advantage in the game, or maybe the attention received from the rest of the room is a reward all by itself.

Reimagined Cards

While bingo is traditionally played with letters and numbers, there’s no reason that you can’t mix it up for your sexy bingo games. Suggestive pictures or drawings can be a great way to get players in the mood for a truly naughty contest. Just make sure that your images can be easily recognized by players. Nothing ruins a good game of sexy bingo quite like a case of mistaken identity and the resulting premature exclamation!

Tie Breakers

In the event of a tie, something must be done to determine who gets the prize! This is where you can really get inventive with your sexy rules. In Manitoba, Canada, erotic bingo operators have been known to use a variety of deciders – including erotic pole dancing contests and ‘sex-offs’, in which winners use other players to show off their best sex positions. With the crowd picking the winners and sufficient libations available, these tie breakers can really take on a life of their own.

When we say bingo is more popular than ever, we aren’t just referring to the standard game. Inventive takes on this classic contest, especially those focused on adding sex appeal, are ensuring that the popularity of bingo isn’t going away any time soon.