How To Make a Bingo Night a Sexy Night


Do you play bingo with your neighborhood friends? Or do you belong to a group of bingo players? Are you may be trying to throw a bingo party, but don’t know how to spice it up? Or do you actually want to organize a Bingo fundraiser, but don’t know how to make it interesting enough?

I have an idea for you: How about making a Bingo night a sexy night?

Yes! And it doesn’t have to be an extreme party. It can just be a bingo night where the prizes are lingerie or where everyone dresses as sexy characters.

It has become very popular among female bingo players around the world, to flavor up their bingo nights or events with a sexy or sexual theme. For example, I found that there is a bingo game that instead of numbers, the squares are pictures of sexual organs or toys. I also found parties in Toronto where the prizes are sexual toys. I have put these ideas together in order to give you, either a bunch of tips to throw a big sexy bingo night or just add a bit of pepper to your Saturday bingo nights with your girls.

Sexy Costume Bingo Night

One idea is to make your night about sexy outfits: sexy nurse, sexy fire fighter, sexy doctor, you name it. It might make a regular bingo night a more fun and eventful night.

Sexy Prizes Bingo Night

Another idea is to make sure that all of the prizes are either lingerie or sex toys that might make the prize a fun race towards a specific great toy. The idea is to spice up the game as much as you wish.

Check out how this hotel in Manitoba, Canada started Erotic Bingo and how it has turned into a fun and eventful night for Bingo Players:

Ron Petryna is the general manager of the Headingley Hotel and he is the self-proclaimed perpetrator of erotic bingo in Manitoba. He says that “winning a bingo gets you a sex-related prize: think vibrators, dildos, penis pumps or even sexy lingerie for both men and women. If there happens to be a tie, the winners have to compete for the prize. The tie-breaking competition depends on the venue. At the Headingley Hotel, the winners have to dance on the pole and the crowd picks the winner.

At the Limelight, there is a fake “sex-off” where the winners have to either use another player to show off their best sex position, or take the microphone and show off their best orgasm sounds. Again, the crowd gets to pick the winner. Other places also offer drink specials: The Nob has sexy shooters for $2.75 a piece, while the Headingley Hotel offers several martinis with an interesting deal: buy one martini and get a free pair of erotic underwear, lube or other selected item.”

How about it? Are you ready to start the party? Think about these examples and make your night as sexy as you feel it is right for you! The idea is to have fun and change the climate of your evenings.

Let’s play SEXY BINGO!