How Many BB’s Can I Get from Chat Games?


Bonus Bucks, or BB’s for short, are a nice little way to get more out of your money. You can acquire Bonus Bucks in two different ways. You can earn them by participating in a chat game, or you can earn them as a result of a promotion. Surely, every player on 123Bingo wants to and has taken advantage of this great feature. But, in case there are some doubts, let’s take a moment to stop and talk about these Bonus Bucks and clear up any clouds of uncertainty there might be on this topic.

Bonus Bucks, as previously stated, can be won and accumulated from promotions and from participating in chat games. You are welcome to try to earn as many Bonus Bucks as you can, but there are some restrictions that everyone should be wary of. When we hear the word restriction, we automatically think negatively. Do not worry; these few short rules are in place to only to make things fair for everyone. They are not anything to fear or hate.

Every player may win Bonus Bucks, or BBs, from either of the two manners, and they are subject the following rules:

  1. Players may receive BBs up to a MAXIMUM of three times (3x) the sum total of all deposits they have made within the last ten (10) days including the current day at the moment. In other words, this would mean that the ten days are nine (9) consecutive days prior as well as the one you are actually living right that moment. So, for example, if in 10 days, including the tenth day, you have deposited a total of $1000, then you can win up to $3000 in BBs.
  2. In order to be credited with the BBs, each player earning them must have made a real money deposit within the last ten days. This, after knowing the first rule, makes quite a bit of sense. If you have not deposited any real money lately, then 3 x 0 = 0. Bonus cash or Free Chips do not count.
  3. If BBs are awarded to a player from a chat game, that player must have played at the very least three (3) bingo cards. It is not fair to award someone with BBs who has not played.
  4. Customers with pending withdrawals or pre-purchased bingo cards do not qualify to win BBs.

When you have decided to withdraw the winnings you have made using BBs, remember that this bonus is non-cashable. So, going back to the previous example, if you win $1000 more on top of your initial deposit and your $3000 in BBs, giving you a grand total of $5000, you may receive a payout of $2000 if you ask for the entire $5000. You may withdraw less, $4000 for instance, but never equal or less than the amount in BBs or other non-cashable bonuses.

Bonus Bucks are a spectacular feature here at 123Bingo. They are meant for you to take as much advantage of them as you can. Again, don’t let the regulations scare you. They are there just to make sure everyone has a better time. So, go on and win the BBs and use them to really win big, real cash!