How do online bingo tournaments work?

There’s nothing quite like the rush of an online bingo race-to-the-finish. You’ve got one number left. You’re ridiculously close to victory. You can taste a big fat bingo cash prize. The cash is almost yours.

And then it happens. “Under the I….32.”

You’ve got it. You’re in awe. This is why you play online bingo. But before you get the chance to shout, “Bingo!” and claim your cash, someone else screams it first.

You can’t believe it. You were just two syllables away from a huge win. Kinda sucks, doesn’t it? If this were a regular online bingo game, no doubt would you hang your head in shame. Thankfully, you’ve chosen to play an online bingo tournament instead. And that means you’ve got more chances to make up for that close call.

Online bingo tournaments work the same way as regular online bingo games. For the most part, the rules you know and love are still the same as when you play online bingo games.

But in online bingo tournaments, the game isn’t over once someone screams, “Bingo!” Nope, in terms of fun, things are only getting started.

In online bingo tournaments, it’s not about winning one game. It’s about racking up points as you play back-to-back-to-back bingo games.

In many online bingo tournaments, points are awarded based on how you finish. So you could potentially earn points for having an almost-full bingo card. In other online bingo tournaments, you’re only awarded points if you’ve filled a bingo card.

In some of the more intense online bingo tournaments, several online bingo games run at the same time. The top winners from each day move onto the next day. It keeps going until the tournament is crunched down to a single game.

Check the rules of the online bingo tournament you’re about to play to see how points are awarded. Not all tournaments calculate winners the same way, so knowing how to win before you sit down to play is really important.

If you love to play online, bingo tournaments really up the ante. So try one out and see how much of a rush bingo tourneys can be.