How Bingo Can Boost Your Brainpower


Forget about reading. It turns out that to sharpen your mind, all you need are five letters. And they happen to be B-I-N-G-O. Yup, according to a famous study, playing Bingo is actually good for your brain. Now I’m not suggesting that you toss your Kindle in the trash. Reading is obviously a great way to sharpen your mind. But go ahead and add Bingo to the list of great brainpower-boosting tools.

The study, done back in 2002 but worth mentioning again, shows that Bingo boosts the brain. Tests demonstrated that Bingo players were actually faster and more accurate than those who didn’t play Bingo in several different tests measuring mental speed, memory, and the ability to absorb information from what’s happening around them.

This study is an interesting one because up until recently, it was thought that games like chess, bridge, and backgammon were the types of games that really boosted the mind. But here’s the thing. Those games require skills to store information in the brain and remember them when needed. Bingo, on the other hand, requires players to quickly identify information quickly within a set amount of time.

Remember, Bingo is a race to the finish, so players need to react to the letter and number being called out and find the corresponding info on their Bingo card before anyone else. That “race” is actually great for the mind.

In the study of 112 people aged 18 to 40 and between 60 and 82, half of the people in the study played Bingo. The other half did not. It turns out that younger people were faster in the tests, but older people were more accurate.

The study suggests that Bingo might not just be great for older people. Young people can benefit from the mind-shaping power that Bingo has by getting involved in the game early. And online Bingo could be even better than live Bingo to boost your brainpower.

Now this piece of information wasn’t part of the study, but I’m going to go ahead and use deductive reasoning to claim that this is the case. Since the study is all about accuracy and speed, online Bingo could prove to provide an even bigger mental boost.

Online Bingo is a lot faster than live Bingo, with players able to play multiple Bingo cards at once – not to mention sit in several different games simultaneously. But remember, in online Bingo, you don’t necessarily have to daub the numbers yourself, so it’s important to pay attention and look for those numbers along the way as the game plays itself out.

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