Hilarious Bingo Stories


It’s always healthy to have a good laugh, don’t you think? At 123 Bingo, we are always up for great Bingo laughs. Every so often we either receive some really incredible stories on our inbox, our Facebook Fan Page, our Chats or we just go ahead and ask for them. This time we received quite a handful in the past few weeks so we decided to go ahead and share with you the funniest stories we’ve gotten related to bingo and bingo games.

We can’t get enough of your stories, so please keep them coming so that we can continue having a great laugh together.

Everyone at 123Bingo has a blast listening to them. Check them out:

“I belong to a softball team and sometimes we have to travel to other towns to play matches. One of our teammates bought a magnetic bingo to play on the bus. We played for about seven rounds in a row. In those seven rounds, our coach never won and he hated it. When we were about to start the eighth round, he suddenly stopped us and said that the game was banned from the bus, since it didn’t promote team spirit among us. From then on, we were never allowed to play bingo on the bus again. And we all knew the real reason.”

Mary Jane – Texas

“My father used to play bingo every Saturday night at our town’s bingo hall. Since he’s an older man, we have always been very protective of his health. One Thursday night, he developed a stomach flu that didn’t stop until Saturday afternoon. By six thirty that night, my dad was ready to go to his bingo game. We tried to stop him from going through different mechanisms, but nothing succeeded. He went. After one hour, he called me to pick him up. Yes, my father did number two in his pants at the bingo hall. Nobody really noticed, but when I came to pick him up, he was already outside with the most shameful face I’ve ever seen on him. I took him home and he we went directly upstairs. When he closed the bedroom’s door, my mother and I cracked up in the kitchen for at least an hour. How funny could it be to see someone do number two in his pants and then scream BINGO?”

Tom – Maryland

“I went to a bingo fundraiser where guests had to dress as devils. The party’s theme was “the inferno.” Since I am very fond of costumes, I went all the way with mine. And I mean that I went as a female, sexy Satan. My husband would meet me at the party with his male Satan costume, since he had to work until late. Since we were new to the company and this city, we were both extremely excited about this party. When I arrived, I waited for my husband to pick me up at the car so that we could go in together. He came to my car and we were both wearing coats over our costumes, but we did notice that there were no signs of costumes among the people entering the hotel. When we arrived, we took our coats off at the entrance and we didn’t see any other people wearing costumes. As we entered the party, we realized that no one had one. It turns out that in these kind ok events, people don’t wear costumes. The theme is a decoration theme and the bingo itself has prizes related to the theme. Once we came in, my husband’s boss demanded that we stayed and instead of taking our seats, he invited us to join him in the big bosses’ table. It’s a funny story, yet, thanks to this party, my boss had the chance to be heard by other big chiefs in his company and one month later, he got a promotion. Being the ridicule of the party definitely paid off.”

Kathy – South Carolina

Will we be hearing from you too? Come on! If these members had the courage to tell their story, we invite you to send us yours by writing it in the comments of this post.