Help me Win at Online Bingo!


My friend Beth just joined the cybernetic world of Bingo and since she’s an avid player, OF COURSE she now wants to play Bingo online.

One night she called me up and told me that she had already opened an account to play online and asked me if I had a winning strategy. I immediately told her I didn’t, but after a few minutes of giving it some thought, I realized, to my own surprise, that I do have a strategy, I just wasn’t fully aware of it, given the fact that I’ve been playing online for so long.

I called her back and summarized for her what I do know about online Bingo. Later that day I thought: “Hey, this can be my next post.” So without further ado, I share with you what I didn’t know was my winning strategy at online Bingo:

It’s Online Bingo Time!

1. Remember, Bingo is a game of vision. The key factor to remember is your capability to mark your cards properly and focus in order to make out when you have won. The advantage with online Bingo is that it has automated functions that mark your cards on your behalf. This is basically the most important part: mark your cards.

When you choose the “auto-daub” mode, your card will be will be marked while your numbers are called.

2. When you use the “auto-bingo” function, you will never again miss another Bingo again. Making sure that you exclude errors is the most important strategy you can use when playing online Bingo.

3. Next, make sure you buy more cards ahead of time so that you’re prepared later on to calculate the price of each card, the quantity of whole cards in play, and the accessible jackpot. It requires money; however, at the end it might pay off more than spending less.

4. The best number of cards to have is four. Experts say that still there are factors to consider like the number of players, the price of each card and the jackpot you are playing against.

5. Another important strategy is to make sure that the figures on your cards are all different and as far from each other as possible. It’s a safe way to play, to say the least.

6. Choose games with the least amount of players. To succeed at this, sign in to play at low traffic hours this way you won’t find so many players on the different games.

7. Aim at the high jackpots! Besides being the obvious choice, going for the highest prizes assures that when you win, you win HUGE. I know this step contradicts Step 6; however, every strategy has its genius and it’s always nice to shake them around.

I hope this small list helps you shuffle the fun around and win more in your bingo sessions. Remember, “Eat, sleep and play bingo.” –Blaine Selva