Have a Winter Night Date with Bingo!


It’s winter, it’s also Valentines Month and we have all the right in the world to get cozy and make the best out of this month. The perfect date varies from person to person, but I figure that if you’re reading this post, then you’re a lover of bingo.

So, if you really are planning to come up with an original and fun date for the one you like, you have to plan something that describes who you are as a person. Try to make him/her see a glimpse of you with that date. Since we’re parting from the idea that you are an avid bingo player and you want your potential partner to appreciate that side of you, then you have now an adventurous date. You only need to add several finishing touches to make it more unique and romantic, of course.

If it makes you a bit nervous, take a deep breath and imagine first the best Bingo game that you have ever had. Thinking of happy thoughts could make you realize the best ingredients of a romantic Bingo date. Go for it!

Step One: First Things First

Give him or her a call. Try to explain to your date how much you have been thinking of making the date more unique than ever. That’s why you have decided to take him or her to some place where excitement never ends. Don’t forget to tell your date that you will have dinner first before you can visit the highlight of your date.

A Full Stomach Makes a Happy Date (Not that Full)

Make sure you plan well, where you will go to dinner. It’s winter time and your date and you need a nice warm meal in your stomach before you head to the Bingo Hall.

You Need to Know Your Schedule

Call the bingo hall in your area and try to find a game schedule which would be held one or two hours after your planned romantic dinner. Reserve the seats that you want! Do not forget to explain to them that you would be making that game schedule a part of your date. Always be in touch with them so you can arrive right before the Bingo game starts. Too much attention to detail can never be too much!

Take it Up a Notch

If you want to make it extra special, tell the bingo hall people that you are having a Bingo date with someone special and that if it’s not too much of an issue for them, if you can suggest a motif or subject for that night. If they go with the flow, make the subject related to an activity or topic that your date loves.

Another idea is to ask the Game Master to announce your date’s name after the Bingo game. You can give her or him a special prize for making your Bingo game more special because of him or her. Maybe this is an over the top gesture, but you can very well decide what to do and what not!

Above all, have fun!