Happy Holidays from the 123Bingo Staff


How are you all celebrating the holiday season this year?

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah or any other celebration, at 123 Bingo we are hoping that you, our customers, are having a wonderful, fun and loving month.

At our company we are celebrating big this year and we want to share with you how our party will be like… Because believe it or not, our party will be indeed a bingo party. However, our holiday season party will have amazing cash prizes that the company will donate to the winners. And guess what? Each one of us gets to choose a humanitarian organization and whoever wins, gives the cash prize to that cause. There a many prizes, which means that we will be helping different causes.

Everyone here at 123 Bingo feels that 2013 has to end with a giving and sharing spirit. This party will of course also include amazing dining, dancing and great fun. We are definitely having our share of celebration of a year very well worked and enjoyed.

How about you? What will you and your family will be doing this year? As our customers, the staff at 123 Bingo, want to thank you for your business. You are greatly appreciated by each one of us and we sincerely hope you have a glorious holiday season with those you love while doing the things you love.

May 2014 bring more joy, health and riches to your life.

In the name of all of us, Happy Holidays to you!

  • deborah

    Deborah Muston mustondeborahgmail.com 10/02/53 4356272146 it said I had 25 dollars and I deposited 25 sould be total 50 but it says 45.25 so is there an extra charge?