Saying Goodbye to Quinte Bingo

innergoodbye14052015Quinte Bingo Hall, a more than 30-year-old, well-loved bingo spot at 28 Roy Blvd. near Highway 62 in Belleville, Ontario, CA, closed up shop on Thursday, April 30, after years of financial woes caused by a variety of factors.

Official Impact

Since 2007, Quinte Bingo had been required to pay out 45 percent of all gross revenues after rule changes by Ontario’s Alcohol and Gaming Commission. These changes scared off several sponsors and forced the hall to make more purchases without enough revenues. The amount of bills then increased every years while revenues decreased. These issues forced the Quinte Bingo to pay out smaller winnings, resulting in fewer players being attracted to the hall.

Dwindling Traffic

Over the last 15 years, attendance had dropped from more than 300 to 100 players.

Beyond the negative impact on attendance from offering smaller prizes, General Manager Gary Short, who has worked at the bingo hall these past 15 years, saw a more than 50 percent drop in attendance after the government’s ban on indoor smoking went into effect.

Changes in player demographics might have also been to blame. Older players stop playing when their health degrades or they pass away. A lot of younger potential players also fail to show interest because of the many other forms of entertainment available to them offered through new technologies. These alternative distractions provide comparable levels of fun without requiring them to leave their homes. In many cases, home-based entertainment options, like online bingo games, are also free, which means that they do not have to pay to play or use gas to find bingo halls nearby.

Construction performed on Highway 62 in 2014 also significantly reduced access to the site leading many players to go elsewhere and seek out other types of entertainment.